Tips on how to ‘Rat’ in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends, like Casino Bizzo, is a fantastic game filled with diverse characters with all sorts of unique abilities. It is no wonder that millions of players spend hundreds of hours playing this competitive shooter. However, not everyone has the time or skill to score headshots with every shot, or they simply get matched with uncooperative teammates.

It is in these situations that players seek to ‘rat’ during their ranked matches. Rating is a playstyle that focuses on survival rather than combat, ensuring that the player is able to obtain ranked points or RP so that they can climb the ranks. Unfortunately, this playstyle is deeply frowned upon due to its stark contrast to the purpose of the game. However, it is very effective to gain or even reduce the amount of RP lost during matches. To assist anyone faced with ratting, here are a few tips.

You Need Mobility

Being a rat means that you need to find a place where no other players will find you. Usually, you can pick a place very high up or low where most players would never even think to look. In order to reach these areas, you’ll need to utilize the abilities of mobile characters such as Octane, Vantage, Loba, Valkyrie, and others.

This will not only help you escape bad fights but it’ll also help prevent teams without mobility from easily reaching you. They are then forced to exhaust their resources trying to hit you, which may draw unwanted attention to them or they move on.

Stay low, Stay Quiet

When ratting, you want to reduce your presence as much as possible so that enemy teams will pass through your area without a second thought. To assist with this mission, you’ll want to crouch which will reduce your overall sound. Then you’ll want to remove any and all abilities that can be traced back to you such as Crypto’s drone, Vantage’s Echo, or Rampart’s barriers.

If you find that a team fight is happening around you, it may be tempting to take out your weapon to participate but it may cause the enemy team to instead strike back against you. You’ll want to only strike if you know for a fact it’ll be to your advantage. An example includes seeing that after the team fight, there is only a single person alive who is trying to pick up their teammate. You can throw a well-placed grenade or snipe to try and take them out.

Loot the Dead

One of the most difficult parts about rating is that in the end game, you’ll likely find yourself out geared by those who earned stronger armor through combat. In which case, you’ll need to creep behind enemy teams, picking up gear from players who died so that when you have been exposed, you can have a slightly better chance of defending yourself.

Alternatively, you can live in the ring, using heat shields to avoid damage and loot bodies safe from enemy teams who are hurrying to get out of the ring.

I hope this guide helps anyone faced with rating to gain an edge and reduce their RP loss!

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  • Nikki_boagreis

    Great tips for one of my favorite F2p games. Besides Phantasy Star, Apex legends is probably the best in terms of gameplay mechanics .

    February 1, 2023
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