UpUpDownDown is a Wealth of Entertainment for a COVID Stricken Geek World

If someone told me years ago that there would be a place where you can see WWE Superstars have fun and be geeks, I would have told them that they were having a fever dream. Little did I know that Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed would create a YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown featuring amazing content.

UpUpDownDown features WWE Wrestlers and their friends playing anything and everything together from board games to video games. You watch as they shed off their in-ring personas to chill out and have fun with friends. It is such a joy to see because you appreciate every single one of them so much more knowing that there is more to them than what you see on TV.

Some of my favorite content is their Dungeons & Dragons series called ROLLOUT which features various guests and an ongoing storyline that is packed with fun. I also enjoy their horror reaction videos where Austin Creed forces unsuspecting friends to play the most terrifying games!

They feature interviews with other wrestlers and entertainers!

UpUpDownDown has an overwhelming amount of videos for everyone to enjoy no matter what your interests are. Even if you don’t enjoy wrestling, the wrestlers are natural entertainers so they always bring the charisma and hype!

Be sure to check out both their Twitch channel and Youtube channel to dive in!



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