Maid Marcy Interviews Idol Cafe by Anime Anonymous

Welcome home! Do you have your wallet, keys, phone, AND mask? Good? Great! This week, I am back home here in RED HOT Phoenix, Arizona. If you are (or were) a con regular in Arizona, you’ve probably heard of Anime Anonymous. They produce the fan-favorite “Idol Galaxy Cafe.” They are a convention cafe with performing idols with a galaxy theme! They do live performances, as well as host karaoke for their guests. Convention cafes are not always limited to maids specifically, it is open to anyone who has a drive to entertain and have fun!  Let’s learn more about these celestial beings with galaxy Idol Venus!


Where did the name and theme come from?
Well, the name for the Idol Cafe occurred because we started with karaoke at our cafe. Around a year after our cafe started, we thought of the theme of space and galaxy. All of the girls/boys names have to do with space and consultations. We wish to expand and try more themes for every con we go to. (Ex: last Taiyou Con was a nightclub galaxy theme)

Can you tell us about the uniform design?
It was definitely Sailor Moon/Japanese idol group inspired. The sailor outfit is classic and adding some flair and glam definitely put together the outfit. Especially since we get to add our own style when it comes to accessories. 

How many members do you currently have?
We have 9 female idols and 3 male idols. 

What specifically inspired you to start a cafe?
Since our first cafe, we really enjoyed connecting with people and singing karaoke. It inspired us to create an audience and reach further by entertaining our guests. That’s why we added performances.

What’s a fun memory that occurred during an event?
A fun memory, it seemed like a while ago but I cherish those moments when I perform. I love it when the audience cheers for me and clap to the beat of the song. I also enjoyed those times when I practiced with my fellow idols, we worked together and our chemistry can show to our guests that we are all friends and not just co-workers.



Do you have a favorite convention or event that you have been to?
I do feel like Taiyou con is my favorite con. The weather is lovely during that time and everyone seemed so hyped because it’s the first con to start the new year. There is also this convention that we(Anime Anonymous) were invited to last year called Con-Jikon. It was a convention out in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was small but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people.

How is the group staying active during these tough times?
We have all been busy trying to get through this. Some of us stay connected with Zoom calls and Discord. At times, I practice the dances we were working on before the quarantine. Sometimes we dance in Zoom calls together just because it’s fun and to see my fellow idols again.

Will this be a first time venture into online content, or does the cafe have experience with live content?
This interview is our first. We do post videos to YouTube, but it’s more of convention vlogs by Anime Anonymous. We want to reach out by posting small dance videos/ skits. Also some idols have a Tik Tok so that’s another way to get video content. We have only done a mukbang live stream on Twitch before. That was pretty fun! We also did want to live stream our dance practices.

Where can we find you online?
You can find us on Facebook @Anime Anonymous Idol Cafe or @idolgalaxy and Instagram @Idolgalaxies


I have been to a few Idol Cafe events, and they always bring the party at each event! The next time AZ has them out at a con, definitely add them to your evening plans, you won’t regret it. Idol culture has been booming the past couple of years, and for the right reasons! You can’t help but cheer for them and get into the music. Idol Galaxy Cafe has a beautiful theme with exciting entertainment and nightlife. Be sure to check out these glowing idols through their Facebook and Instagram. I am really missing conventions now… but let’s keep going strong with our social distancing and mask-wearing! We will all be together again soon, singing with the Galaxy Idols and swinging our penlights. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. See you at my next maidcation destination!

Be sure to check out more awesome content from Maid Marcy and the whole crew over at Sumuji Cafe by checking out their social media pages! FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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