Valorant Neon Guide: Tips and Tricks

Hailing from the Philippines, is Valorant Agent Neon. When she first launched, Neon became an instant celebrity within the Valorant community because of her style and personality. However, her pick rate has long since suffered and she’s now been put in the backline over other Agents in the game.

One of the reasons why Neon fell off with the Valorant community is that she’s actually relatively hard to use. However, that high skill ceiling is matched with an equally high potential. In the right hands, Neon can be quite the Duelist that the opposing team is going to heavily fear.

What is Neon’s Role?

Neon is a Duelist in Valorant. She has a large entry and carries potential in the right hands. As a Duelist, one of Neon’s best assets is her speed which allows her to quickly charge at key supports within the backline of the enemy team. She’s also excellent at chasing and gunning down any enemy Agents that are within a sliver of their health and armor.

Neon’s speed also allows her to zip across the map quickly. With the right calls and team play, Neon can set up enemy flanks long before those in the backline notice her.

Neon’s Strengths

  • Ultimate ability has high damage output which can make it hard for any Agent in the game to duel against her. The ability can still be powerful in team fights.
  • Very dangerous when going head to head with. High Gear can deal serious damage to enemies when used along with a shotgun. Aside from being a good offensive skill, it also gives Neon the means to escape easily.
  • Relay Bolt gives her excellent control over an area when used properly. Not a lot of Duelists can contend with her area-controlling capacity.

Neon’s Weaknesses

  • It’s very easy to make a mistake with her skillset. One wrong move with Fast Lane and you’ll be very prone to isolating yourself from your teammates.
  • Although effective as a crowd control tool, Relay Bolt requires a lot of precision and map knowledge.
  • Overall, Neon has a very high skill ceiling. She’s not a hero that Valorant newcomers can buy and use efficiently. Using Neon requires mastery of the map and angles for a significant advantage.

Neon’s Abilities

The abilities of Neon are centered on making quick picks against opponents. Aside from being an easy engager, Neon’s abilities also allow her to make a quick escape when needed. Next, we’ll discuss her abilities and how to best utilize them on the field.

Relay Bolt

When used, Neon throws a Relay Bolt that bounces off of the first surface it hits. When the bolt lands on any surface, it stuns all those within range. Neon can have a total of two Relay Bolts, allowing you to stun in 4 separate locations on the map. Perfect for crowd controlling.

Relay Bolt has a decent radius and can hit two locations. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using Neon’s Relay Bolt is not considering the first bounce of the bolt. As that can stun enemies as well, it’s best to make sure it counts when thrown. It’s best to always throw the bolts at an angle as it makes it more unpredictable and harder to dodge.

Mastering the maps is a great way to know when and where it’s best to use Relay Bolt.

Fast Lane

Fast Lane lets Neon conjure up two walls of fire on both of her sides. Similar to Phoenix’s walls, Fast Lane damages enemies that pass through them. More importantly, it also obscures their vision too. The difference is that the walls can’t curve and don’t heal Neon and are mainly used against the enemies.

The skill’s inability to go around angles can be problematic for Neon as it opens you up against enemy fire. Before using Neon, you should have allies like Sova scout the area ahead. Fast Lane is a good way to engage the enemy but that’s only after you’ve made sure that you’re safe when using it.

High Gear

This ability allows Neon to channel her electric powers. While using High Gear, Neon can outpace every Agent in the game but she cannot pull out her weapons. What you can do, however, is to slide in. Sliding lets Neon pull out her guns. However, she can only slide once but it resets after every two kills.

This is Neon’s best ability despite not being her Ultimate. It’s great for escaping and chasing down enemies. Slide is best partnered with a powerful close-range shotgun as it can quickly close the distance between you and your target. With a high enough reflex, you can take out enemies in a single blow.


For her Ultimate ability, Neon conjures up lightning bolts that constantly damage enemies. While moving, the lightning strikes are accurate but they become more erratic if you jump. Overdrive runs for a set duration but you can reset that after each kill you make so it can be very deadly.

Overdrive deals massive damage over time against enemies. It’s perfect in one-versus-one scenarios. Unless the enemy takes you out immediately with a headshot, it’s likely that they won’t survive the wrath of Overdrive. It’s better to use this in duels so that the damage is more concentrated.

When you use Overdrive, it’s best to move perpendicularly instead of forward. Your goal here is to avoid getting hit and killed while the lightning strikes do most of the work.

Best Picks And Counters Against Neon

In most cases, Neon stands out against other Duelists because of her powerful ability. She can also quickly dispatch supportive characters in the backline with High Gear, coupled with a powerful shotgun. She’s particularly powerful against Agents that don’t have any mobility skills as it will be harder for them to run away from Neon because of her speed.

Neon is a bad pick against Agents that can silence her abilities. If she uses Fast Lane in the wrong spot, Agents like Cypher can quickly cut her off and make her defenseless. That said, Neon is also going to do badly against heroes that have high area control capacity. All it takes is one bad push to leave Neon defenseless within enemy lines. 

The good news is that Neon’s weaknesses can be countered simply by making smarter plays.


Best With Worst Against
Sage Cypher
Chamber Chamber
Reyna Killjoy

Best Maps For Neon

Neon is best used in maps where you can make easy rotations and possible flanks. Her mobility and skillset make her deadly on these maps as she can easily catch anyone off-guard. If you master these maps, you can make Neon quite the ambusher, whether you’re on attack or defense.

As for worst maps, Neon is going to do horribly in maps with tight corners and where it’s easy to isolate her from her team. All-in-all, Neon is a decent Agent to use in all maps as long as you know all of the corners and possible entry points. Whatever the case, you’ll need to be very careful when charging at the enemy.



Best Maps Worst Maps
Fracture Ascent

Best Neon Tips For Defend

  1. High Gear isn’t just a way to engage enemies or to escape them. You can also use it to jump-peek to gain early information on enemy positions. Use it effectively to get into high spots and then drop down immediately.
  2. The best use for Relay Bolt is to delay enemy pushes. With a total of 4 bounces, you can greatly control an area whenever the enemy team is making a charge for the objective.
  3. If the enemy is overly aggressive, you can use High Gear to flank their supportive characters and pick one off. Make sure to take out the Agent with the most utility.

Best Neon Tips For Attack

  1. Fast Lane is an effective tool that will help you block enemy vision quite effectively. With their vision blocked, you can then use High Gear to start entering sites.
  2. When you’re running out of ammo and don’t have the luxury to reload, consider using Overdrive to push back and even kill some of the enemies. However, it’s often best to save Overdrive for clutch duels so use it sparingly.
  3. Although Neon is good for solo battles, she’s far more dangerous when supported by her teammates. Before you make a push, ask your teammates for smoke or any vision-impairing abilities so that the enemies don’t see you coming.

Neon might be a pain in the neck to master but her skill set and her abilities jive together to form a seriously dangerous Agent. If you want to check out how Neon holds her ground on various skills levels, check out this cheap Valorant account shop for smurfs. You’ll be surprised at how good she is across the ranked levels of the game.

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