Why Did I Wait So Long to Read Snotgirl? It is so Good!

In the past, I have seen my dear friends Peachgirl Photography and Cynorme cosplay a character featuring the greenest of hair, with a tissue hanging out their their nose. I wondered

Cynorme as Lottie aka Snotgirl!

who the heck that character was for so long until one fateful day when I walked into Drawn to Comics. Drawn to Comics is a local comic book shop in the heart of Downtown Glendale that always offers quality products and service.

While there I was greeted by a homie that is near and dear to my heart, Ashley of Sew Ashtastic. She helped me navigate through the current story lines taking place amongst the major brands. Browsing the Image selection, I saw that unnamed character haunted me for years: Snotgirl.

She took the time to explain just how great the comic was because of the art style, story line, and how it was from the mind of Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim vs The World! With such a high recommendation I had no choice but to snag myself a copy and dive in! Thankfully the good folks at Image sell their first volume graphic novels at only $10!

The very first aspect I noticed about Snotgirl was the art style that was an explosion of color. Every single character has such vibrant definition that no two people can be compared to one another unless that was the intent. The story focuses on Lottie Person who is a popular fashion blogger who finds herself surrounded by shallow relationships and intense allergies.

Seeking solace in the form of medication, she gets prescribed an experimental drug that should help her allergies. However, from the moment she consumes the pills, her world gets turned upside down. Her memory becomes unreliable as she can no longer determine what is real and what was a side effect of the pills.

In a normal situation this wouldn’t be too terrible to deal with. Unfortunately, one of those pesky memories that is unclear for her is whether or not a new friend of hers died or not. As a reader, your knowledge and information is completely provided by Lottie so you also have no idea what happened. I found myself turning the pages faster and faster until I reached the end of the first volume.

This was such a great read! Because of so many cosplays, I can imagine that it is common knowledge of how good Snotgirl is but for anyone coming into the game late, like myself, I wanted to preach the good word! Especially for only $10, this is a title you need to check out!

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