Why you should play Star Trek Online

If you are a fan of Science Fiction then there is a good chance that you have fallen in love with Star Trek. For those who might not have ever checked out this incredible franchise, Star Trek focuses on members of Starfleet helping to explore new worlds, defend their community, and more using starships. Since the 60s, Star Trek has come out with video games, movies, shows, and even their own MMORPG. Recently I got to sit down and play Star Trek Online and after 13 hours of gaming, I have to say that it is a must for fans of the series. It was the only thing I wanted to play besides CasinoChan!

Star Trek Online offers a variety of experiences for all Star Trek fans, regardless of which series you consider to be your favorite. At character creation, they offer you the choice of making a character in the following perspectives: The Next Generation, Discovery, Klingon, Dominion, Romulan, and the Original Series. Each of these perspectives differs heavily from one another to allow for immense replayability.

Character creation is also wonderful since they have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to which species you’d like to play as. There is even an option to create your own alien race! After you have chosen the building blocks, it provides tons of options to customize your character in every way from height, weight, facial features, and more.

Once you start the game, you are thrown into daunting situations that require your character to rise above their station and earn the right to captain your ship. There are two major aspects of the game which are on the ground where your character, along with a small team, explores planets, space stations, and other areas. The other aspect is piloting the space vessel where you travel to distant planets, engage in firefights, and mine for resources.

Between these two styles of gameplay, it kept missions feeling balanced with a little bit of both and enough difficulty to make you really apply your resources strategically. That way every victory makes you feel like you earned it. You also get to feel just how hard it truly is to take on some of the iconic enemies of the federation like the Borg or Species 8472.

Questing is a lot of fun as well since they are made to be episodes just like a tv show. You are introduced to the mission, discover there is some unforeseen issue, and then have to overcome the obstacles through violence or diplomacy. Each mission seems to have some ground objectives and ship objectives that way you get to have exciting drama throughout the journey.

After you finish the quest, you are provided upgrades for both you and your ship. It should be mentioned that your ship can also be upgraded and customized so that it stands out from the rest of the players in the game.

I highly recommend checking out Star Trek Online if you love Star Trek and sci-fi! It is free and available on PC, PS5, and Xbox!

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