Will the Future Described in Ready Player One Come to Pass?

Will the Future Described in Ready Player One Come to Pass?

Ernest Cline’s 2011 science fiction novel, Ready Player One, is hugely popular among fans of the genre. Not only does it have obscure references to the 1980s popular culture in almost every paragraph, but it also describes a possible technological future that has exciting developments for gamers. Some of the greatest novelists of all time have been lauded for the way they have correctly predicted the future. George Orwell’s 1984 is a prime example of that. Writing way before virtual reality hit the market, Cline has already anticipated some things. What else from the fast-paced gaming novel could also come to pass in the future?


Major iGaming developers are also working on creating this immersion. Microgaming is well-known in this field due to being a reliable brand with a large range of titles so sites such as the highly rated brand Ruby Fortune use them as the customer will know what they’re getting when they go on the site. But the Isle of Man-based company is also looking to innovate and has created VR Roulette. There is a chance that in the future the developer may be credited with creating the first VR online casino.

Console game developers have also been working towards providing players with titles that are hard to differentiate from the real world. Looking at the amazing graphics in sports games like PES 2020 shows just what they are capable of now. In ten years, it may be impossible to tell games apart from recorded footage.

Cline’s vision of a VR world is not just possible, it appears likely that it will come to pass. Developers have constantly strived to create a more immersive playing experience, and a fully functioning VR universe would be the eventual goal. In Cline’s novel, the year is 2045. This date could also be an accurate prediction, as it is going to take a good few decades for VR to become realistic enough to replicate the experiences described in the book. It is exciting to think about the possibilities that this new technology will bring.

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