20 Indie Content Creators to Follow in 2020!

There are a lot of awesome content creators out there and each one of them brings something special to the table. The only problem is knowing which ones to follow for this coming year. If you are tired of all of the mainstream entertainers then you came to the right place since we have 20 awesome independent creators who would appreciate your support and reward you with fantastic content!

Note: The order in this list has no bearing on quality.

The Final Boys

The Final Boys are a horror podcast that focuses on telling old folklore to review various horror films. Mat and Dustin do a tremendous job of captivating their audience with passionate opinions and aren’t afraid to crack a few cracks in between.


Hazel is a Youtuber/Twitch streamer who focuses on creating World of Warcraft content. We have interviewed her and she is a delightful person who puts her heart and soul into everything she does!


Draskia has been our homie for a long time and we have watched her grow into an incredible Twitch streamer who plays a variety of games. She is a talented artist and often can be found showcasing her talent live on stream for the enjoyment of her community.

Watch [Blind] Lets get to it!! | !youtube from Draskia on www.twitch.tv

Amberskies Cosplay

Amberskies Cosplay is a pretty darn amazing person who spreads nothing but good vibes and great times where ever she goes. As a veteran of cosplay, she flexes her skills with each and every single costume she produces.


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Dear Santa, if you need extra help pulling the sleigh tonight– I’m available! ?? . . . Merry Christmas Eve from this wintery faun to you. Nothing as magical as fresh snowfall to ring in this special night, and I’ve never felt so ethereal than in this brand new shoot. Feeling like I stepped right out of dang Narnia! ?❄️ . . . Thank you forever to @tonyjuliusphotography for tromping through the thigh deep snow with me to make my dreams come true– and my patr0ns for making it all possible for this December’s set. Absolutely wow. I’m full of wonder and joy tonight, and I hope you are too! Merry Christmas! #merrychristmas #amberskiescosplay #amberskies #winterfaun #snowfall #snowphotoshoot #originaldesign

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Fantasy Banjo

Fantasy Banjo is a group of homies who gather together to play Dungeons & Dragons. As veterans of the game, they make it their goal to find any way they can to disrupt the foul plans of their Dungeon Master and come out on top. They also make it a point to not take themselves too seriously and have fun with their dear friends.


Game2Hype is the best there is, the best there was, the best there will ever be. The man can crank out 15 cosplays in a month knock it out of the park with all of them. This is a cosplayer you’ll absolutely want to keep an eye on!

Four Orbs

The Four Orbs is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast that features a group of long-time close friends playing their Dungeon Master’s iconic adventure. What makes this series enjoyable is the fact that they are such good friends it just makes you feel like you are at the table with them having a good time. The story is captivating, the characters are unique, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat for some of the season finales!

Utahime Cosplay

Utahime Cosplay is a sweetheart who is a senpai at the art of cosplay. Featured by Anime Expo as a cosplay senpai, she can be found giving out advice and well wishes like candy. She is a champion of the community and it shows with every single cosplay!

Sara Moni Cosplay

Sara Moni Cosplay is charming, witty, kind, wicked smart, and has more talent in her pinky finger than most of us do in our entire bodies! You’ll definitely want to follow her to keep up with all of the awesome projects she does!

The Dice Girls

The Dice Girls are some of my favorite people in the community because they are just good people. They love Dungeons & Dragons, they have a great time playing, they are filled with good vibes, and it shows as each of their episodes is fun and enjoyable! It should also be mentioned that this is an all-female D&D cast which makes it even more awesome!


Envyious is an amazing content creator from the UK who has a passion for gaming. She can often be found at convention sporting something World of Warcraft inspired, being down to Earth, and having a good time with friends!

Sincerely Sam

Sincerely Sam is a hustler in every sense of the word. She has multiple projects going on at the same time and they always shock and awe! She is currently working on her animated series, S.A.L.E.M.!

Natalie Arvizu

Natalie Arvizu is a long time homie and a wicked talented gamer! She is witty, charming, and hustles hard to provide great content for her community. She can be found streaming a variety of games from first person shooters to fighting games.

Watch Greedy Gurl from nataliearvizu on www.twitch.tv


Lvciferx is a renowned artist known for creating jaw dropping scenes of horror. With a die hard passion for anime and comics, he does his very best to produce his own unique content in the world that is beloved and praised. He is a rising creator you’ll want to keep an eye on!

Little Sparkz Cosplay

Little SParkz is a living legend when it comes to cosplay. The woman cranks out majestic cosplay builds of iconic World of Warcraft characters that are nothing short of awe inspiring. It is hard for us to maintain eye contact with her because she is just so wonderful that we are not worthy!

Sparkle Stache

Sparkle Stache is good people all around. She is always laughing, smiling, having a great time, and encouraging others to do their thing. She represents the best part of our community and on top of everything else, she is wicked talented! She dances constantly from armor builds to light builds, her wig game is always on point, and she is just the best.

Biting Bows

Biting Bows is a UK Cosplayer that loves Anime and Manga with all of her heart and soul. Her Instagram is a mixture of professional photos of her hard work along with silly day to day activities so you feel like you are one of her close friends. She is genuinely an awesome person who is a hidden gem in the community!


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Not to be all “I miss the Summer” but it was just really nice ??? I really really enjoyed being Ibaraki. I loved Viencon as a whole and I’m determined to be a little kinder but harder on myself to make sure I feel comfortable with myself in and out of cosplay ? It’s really daft but this is the first year in my 20s that I would actually go out with friends without only ever wearing wigs and everything so… I’m thankful for the tiny progress with feeling a lil ok as my self self not just my extra self. ? Thank you Josh (@asperjosh_photography) for always taking such good shots and letting me mess about on the bridge and daydream about candy floss ?? . . . #fgo #fgocosplay #fategrandorder #fategrandordercosplay #ibaraki #ibarakidouji #ibarakicosplay #ibarakidoujicosplay #cosplay #viencon

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Qki Cosplay


Qki Cosplay is a hustler, the woman doesn’t just cosplay but she also is a tremendous help in two other businesses from Sumuji Cafe and Dobutsu Lounge. She spends every waking moment laser-focused on producing the best quality she can in whatever she touches and it shows! Despite all of her hard work, she always remains delightful and kind to everyone she meets!


Kristina Maria is another hidden gem that I am grateful for stumbling upon. She is a Disney geek who shows her passion for the brand by hitting up Disney parks as much as possible and then turning around to cosplay her favorite characters. Often times, her version of those iconic characters are even better than the originals!

Jihatsu Cosplay

Jihatsu Cosplay is the coolest dude on the block. When he walks into a room, heads turn in awe and respect as the man is a proper legend. He is a cosplayer that focuses his content on anime and video game content, taking characters who are traditionally Japanese and putting his own spin on it. The results are always to die for!

There you have it! 20 content creators to follow in 2020, be sure to drown them in all of the love and support they deserve. Look out for more awesome content from The Geek Lyfe in 2020! Have another great creator you want to be featured? Email us at info@thegeeklyfe.com and we’ll get in contact with them!
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