6 Tips For Choosing The Best Geeky Lego Set

Lego has been around for many years. And over time, there have been many new developments in its production. Although its creators and manufacturers intended for children to spend hours building their favorite objects, it has also evolved into an adult hobby.

Gone are the days when Lego sets only had child-like themes. Nowadays, adults can find sets in various niches, including famous movie themes, which they can trade or keep as collector items. People often brand Lego-lovers as geeks, but at least they are creative, fun-loving, and know the value of something they built with their own hands.

Some sets could sell for thousands, while others could be worth less but still provide a beautiful aesthetic to a collection in a showcase. The question is, how do you look for the best one? In this article, we’ll explore tips on how to choose the best geeky Lego set.

  1. Decide On The Niche

With so many options available on the market, one may struggle to decide which niche they want to focus on at first. Once they find the one that brings them the most joy, they can start seeing more and more Lego sets from the same niche.

For instance, perhaps you’re into movies. You can look for movie-inspired or character-themed Lego sets. On the other hand, if you prefer building structures, you can opt for these Lego architecture sets, among others.

When searching for the next set to add to the collection, look at multiple sources online or in local collector stores. And to get the most out of your money, avoid settling for the first one you see. The perfect one that matches your interests and goes well with all the existing items at home is out there somewhere.

Athens, Greece – Dec 22, 2019: lego miniatur of Acropolis, Exhibition in The Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, Europe
  1. Choose From The Different Colors

Aside from choosing the niche, remember to keep the color options in mind, especially if you’re planning to put it on display. For instance, if most of the pieces you already have are in earthy colors, you could get a set that has the same palette, so it fits in. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a pop of colors in your collection, you can opt for sets in different colors. And depending on your preference and the theme you’re going for, you can mix and match colorful sets.

  1. Consider The Price For Each Set

Just as vast as the array of different Lego items one may find, their price ranges could also vary greatly. In some cases, depending on the complexity of the set or design, they can be pricier than simpler ones.

It may be easy to go on a spending spree, especially when there are many nifty Lego sets to choose from online or elsewhere. But to prevent overspending on this hobby, consider saving up a budget for significant items or only buying items within your price range.

  1. Check To See If There Are Add-Ons

Lego sets that become high demand will often have add-on sets that people can purchase. For instance, manufacturers may release expansion sets or added features that will allow you to build the next area of your farm, another character, or a new building. These add-ons could come in smaller packaging, and stores may sell them separately. 

And so, by planning out potential expansion, you can properly manage your budget and curate the overall composition of your Lego set.

  1. Look At Current Collectors

Sometimes one can be so indecisive that it makes the choice of which set to buy even harder. However, with the modern world and how social media has become such a big part of our lives, anyone can go online and show off their new sets to other collectors. With that, you can look for videos online and draw some inspiration to find the best Lego set for you.

  1. Buy From A Reputable Source

As some collector’s items could be pretty valuable, a few scammers out there may take advantage of a Lego geek wanting to expand their collection. With that, be careful where and whom you buy from, especially online. Instead, seek out reputable stores or dealers and avoid deals that seem ‘too good to be true’ as they usually are.

Building Up To The End

Finding the geekiest Lego set for a huge fan may seem like an impossible mission, especially when they have a rare or specific niche. With the insights above, you can be guided on how you can narrow down your choices and choose the best Lego set for you.

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: https://www.thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/that_deangelo | https://linktr.ee/deangelomurillo

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