The Geek Lyfe in Brighton: The Brighton Film & Comic Con

The Geek Lyfe in Brighton!
The Brighton Film & Comic Con

Brighton is a city blossoming with diversity, and as such it’s pretty common to see Brightonians dressed up even on a week day. But this weekend, it played host to one of the largest Comic Cons,IMG_20160605_124336
the Brighton Film & Comic Con that travels up and down the country and occasionally overseas. The streets were filled with some of DC’s greatest heroes, Marvel’s worst villains, and a variety of characters from hundreds of films and games.

This was my first time visiting the The Brighton Film & Comic Con but not the first time I’ve been to the Con itself. Last year I travelled to London for the event that was held at the Excel Centre and unfortunately Showmasters had completely oversold tickets. It was packed and incredibly hard to move, especially for all the cosplayers wearing heavy duty costumes. As the day wore on it became less crowded but that did not stop the barrage of complaints Showmasters received. Luckily the Con at Brighton was not a repeat of this. Whether this was because Showmasters had learnt from their lesson, or simply that the Con was held outside of the capital I do not know, but the atmosphere was much more chilled and enjoyable.

In terms of celebrities, Kristian Nairn, (Hodor, Game of Thrones) and Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who, The Hobbit) made appearances along with some stars from Harry Potter and Star Wars! Comic Artists such as Ian Richardson and Kev Hopgood (2000 AD) were also available to meet, along with Nigel Parkinson and Nika Nartova who worked on The Beano comic.
Downstairs in The Gaming Zone, retro games were available to play for free for gamers feeling nostalgic. Just across the room, the Unplugged Gaming Zone included board and card games for all types interested in tabletop gaming, both those familiar and those new to the genre.

The Cosplay Zone was primarily the most popular, with the Cosplay Masquerade Competition available to all entrants who wanted to showcase their passion and skills to the celebrity judges. Famous Cosplayers Kalli Mack, and Candy Valentina also visited the event, along with some of the greatest cosplayers from across the UK.


The Brighton Film & Comic Con has definitely been one of the most enjoyable cons I’ve ever been to. The fact that it was slightly smaller and less jam-packed than the usual cons I’ve been to was a welcome relief. Everyone was friendly and approachable, and I can’t wait to go again!

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