Freeplay Frenchie Reviews Strungballs!

Freeplay Frenchie Reviews Strungballs! If there’s one thing you count on StrangeBooks for, it’s an original mind-bending story. You may remember the name StrangeBooks from my last review on Mike Russell’s collection of short stories. In Mike Russell’s latest tale, we encounter Sydney, a young boy living in a weird, almost dystopian world with a grisly twist. In this bizarre...[Read More]

StrangeBooks from Brighton!

Although University had its trials and tribulations for me, I will say that I am so grateful to my creative writing tutors for introducing me to the art of short stories and flash fiction, because to me that’s what it is. I would say I have a stronger connection to flash fiction, because it’s shorter, and because it demands more of you in fewer words, but also because there’s les...[Read More]

Gaming Retro-bution in Brighton!

Most of you probably know by now that Brighton is my home away from home. I love the city and I’m always on the hunt for new geeky events to tell everyone about at The Geek Lyfe. So I was stunned to discover Gaming Retro-bution in Brighton! They are a fantastic couple of people who organise retro gaming nights at our local Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar and The Hare and Hounds, totally free! I...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe in Brighton: The Brighton Film & Comic Con

The Geek Lyfe in Brighton! The Brighton Film & Comic Con Brighton is a city blossoming with diversity, and as such it’s pretty common to see Brightonians dressed up even on a week day. But this weekend, it played host to one of the largest Comic Cons, the Brighton Film & Comic Con that travels up and down the country and occasionally overseas. The streets were filled with some of DC&...[Read More]

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