8 Most Popular TV Shows Among College Students in 2019

8 Most Popular TV Shows Among College Students in 2019

Binging favorite TV shows with roomies is a staple of college life for many. There are just so many entertaining TV shows out there that it’s hard to pick the best ones, but we’ll try.

Disclaimer warning: we are not accountable for getting you hooked on these shows. After all, college is for studying, not watching dramas. So be sure to spend your time wisely and not get too distracted by these impressive binge-worthy pieces.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has only recently beaten its competitor, House M.D., another popular medical drama. But House is done, while this show is at season 16 and still going strong. 

The drama revolves around interns, doctors, and residents at a hospital as they develop their professional careers. Grey’s Anatomy had a rough start, with many cast changes and bad reviews, but quickly grew to become one of the best and most popular shows on TV right now.

By the way, if you happen to be missing out on your favorite show because of abundant homework assignments, you’re not the only one. 

Tight deadlines are common in college, and Game of Thrones-like spoilers permeate the Internet a day after the episode airs. Students who struggle with this issue can buy an essay paper online and enjoy the series without deadlines breathing down their necks.

The Office

Everybody loves The Office. It’s by far the most popular show in west coast America, and probably all of the US. 

This unique sitcom aired in 2005 and finished with its 9th season in 2013. Ever since launch, audiences fell in love with magnetic characters, many of whom later became meme-legends on the Internet.

The uniqueness of the show is seen in its style of filming. It attempts to simulate a documentary about the everyday lives of office workers. 

Beware, these are not regular office rats. They are funny, exaggerated characters with intriguing connections and endless pranks, jokes, and awkward moments. If you haven’t seen The Office, it’s time to re-evaluate your life decisions.

Game of Thrones

Tan tan tararan-tan tararan-tan. Okay, let’s face it — you’re either the person who gets goosebumps every time this melody (and you know what we mean) plays or the angry roommate who’s had enough of it. 

If you keep asking yourself, “Am I the only person who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones?”, there is only one answer. Well mate, it is the most-watched (and pirated) show on television for a reason.

Praise from critics and fans alike has made it skyrocket in popularity by season 3. There are international fan bases, Reddit communities with hundreds of thousands of followers, YouTube channels explaining theories — the list goes on. 

It’s a great get-together for students, a mad suspense builder, and expectation twister, with some fascinating parallels with our world and history.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Crime show lovers and comedy fans come together in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show revolves around the character played by Andy Samberg, who is infinitely likable and the fictional 99th Precinct of NYPD cops. 

Episodes last for about twenty minutes, which makes it a perfect show for busy students to watch.

Parks and Recreation

Another amusing pastime comes from the creators of The Office. Parks and Recreation offer a similar atmosphere with its mockumentary style depicting the department of Parks and Recreation in an American town. 

This show is praised for its absurd and often awkward humor from lovable characters.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The setting is an Irish pub in Philadelphia. The characters are five arrogant, egotistic friends trying to get along. These friends, who refer to themselves as “The Gang,” run this Irish pub, pretty much to the ground. 

The Gang is not well behaved, as they often meddle in excessive drinking and drugs, lie to, and conspire against each other. It’s a fascinating yet rather dark show to watch.

Breaking Bad

Speaking of dark shows, the multi Emmy winner Breaking Bad had to be on this list. This show has it all: crime, drama, dark comedy, satire, and a fantastic filming style. 

For a while, it has rivaled The Game of Thrones as the greatest show on television. It only takes one episode to be completely drawn into the character of Walter White, as he lives life to the fullest cooking and selling methamphetamine.

On the Last Note: BoJack Horseman

The last on our list of TV shows to watch is Bojack Horseman. It’s like Family Guy or South Park, except the characters, are humanoid animal people. A strange yet lovable combination with lots of laughs. 

This is a Netflix special, so be sure to renew your subscription for binging. 

Now you definitely have something to watch on a lovely evening, so have a blast!

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