Arrow’s Subreddit In Chaos

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Arrow’s Subreddit In Chaos


Arrow’s Subreddit In Chaos

Arrow, a show on the CW centered around the Green Arrow from DC Comics started off strong in it’s first and second season. Many would say that it’s the reason we have such incredible shows such as Supergirl, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. That is exactly why it’s sad to see Arrow have a lackluster third season and an even worse fourth season. While this might seem as though we are being biased, if you take a look at you’ll find a number of shit posting that talks about just how terrible the show has become. It’s even affected Stephen Amell’s facebook posts.


Last night was the Season finale of Season 4 and the episode itself was pretty bad. There were so many plot holes it almost feels intentional by the writers and management. The only way I can survive watching Arrow nowadays is by skipping through the scenes I have no interest in and immediately checking to see the wonderful memes created by fellow disappointed fans. Earlier today the subreddit experienced a subtle change to it’s layout.


This was fucking gold to fellow Arrow fans. The moderators of the subreddit have simply reached a point where they just don’t care anymore. They’ve decided to switch platforms from Arrow to Daredevil, a show about a gritty vigilante who fights crime at night. They’ve gone as far as opening up discussions about Season 1: Episode 1 of Daredevil and constantly reference it after posting a misleading topic title. The overall experience has been wonderful and does help ease the pain of being an Arrow fan since I know I’m not the only one who feels this pain.

Here are some of the best posts so far:

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There are some serious gems spread through the subreddit and I highly recommend you checking them out. There are spoilers everywhere about both Flash and Arrow but if you don’t care too much then by all means go for it! Even Manu Bennett, the incredible New Zealand actor that played Deathstroke in Season 2 has had absolutely no problem re-tweeting as many posts about Arrow and how bad it has become on his personal twitter account: I have a ton of respect for him since he is the only Arrow actor to openly agree with fans that the show has been in a terrible place for sometime and needs major love. Probably by firing the show runner and most of the writers these past two seasons.

But hey, at least there is one subreddit that’ll always be incredible!

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