Alexia Berryhill

Alexia Berryhill

Can You Ever Forgive Me: Melissa McCarthy and Richard Grant’s Masterpiece

Melissa McCarthy has already made a substantial name for herself in the comedy scene, but in Can You Ever Forgive Me? she lets the audience know her talent is vast and uninhibited. The movie, based on Lee Israel’s memoir with the same title, is insightful, poetic, and humorous. It is on my list of movies I’d watch over and over. The movie begins with Lee Israel, played by McCarthy, dri...

Mid90’s Review: An Innovative Story That Falls Short

Although Mid90’s was written and directed by Jonah Hill, he did not act in any part of this movie. Instead, he chose to showcase his talent with others in the forefront. This film is artistic and uncomfortable; sometimes on purpose, other times purely from accidental oversight and missteps. It is not a movie that fans of Hill’s acting would like because it possesses a dark, twisted cle...

Sincerely Sam’s New Kickstarter for Pin-teresting Creatures

Sam Sawyer, aka Sincerely Sam, is a digital artist focused on a unique fantasy style unmatched by anyone. She’s been selling her art and tarot cards on Etsy and at conventions for years. Now there is a new product she wants to give her fans: enamel pins! Her Kickstarter for the project will go live this Thursday, October 18th. She will begin with four choices of pins–lilac octopus, bel...

The Hate U Give Movie Review: Exhibits Grace in Showing Our Nation’s Racial Inequalities

When The Hate U Give novel was released, my social media became a frenzy. It moved a lot of people’s hearts and minds, and caused a lot of arguments. A friend of mine read the book in two days and insisted I borrow it. I read it in four. When I heard they were making a movie also titled The Hate U Give, I squealed. And the movie was nearly as intense and moving as the book. Synopsis (without...

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