AZ Cosplay Photographer, Adam Walsh, Has Passed Away

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Adam Walsh

There is a line, “Tomorrow is never promised today,” that I had heard when I was young and it always stuck with me. That one line is such a hard truth that many of us tend to overlook in our day to day lives. Unfortunately, every so often we are reminded of this harsh truth when a friend passes away. Today I am sad to announce that the Arizona cosplay community has lost a photographer by the name of Adam Walsh, or Speed Force Photography as he was known professionally.

The first time I met Adam was after I had written a review for Saboten and included our homie Heartless Aquarius as the cover photo. At the time I didn’t have a photographer or a camera of my own to take photos so I used photos from the community, including his. He took notice and gave me thanks for mentioning him and his brand. He was nothing but kind and welcoming at every single convention since then on. He would shout your name from across the way until you noticed and greet you with a big smile as he was genuinely interested in what was new.

Over the years, his skill in photography grew as he worked with many great men and women across the valley. Despite being restricted to his motorized chair, he still put his all in his photography both on set and in post production. Often times it was because he himself was a huge fan of the series many folks cosplayed from and could be found geeking out about them. Everything from comics to WWE he had a tremendous passion for.

The light of the Arizona cosplay community truly is a bit dimmer without Adam, but we know he is in a better place. He wasn’t one to want friends to dwell on the bad; he was one who would want everyone to focus on the good times. We have to honor his memory by putting our every effort into being better than we were yesterday and appreciating everyone around us today. Our hearts are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Please take a moment to check out all of his previous work over the years at!

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