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Looking Back on The Geek Lyfe 2019

A lot of wonderful things in the year of 2019. My name is DeAngelo Murilo and I own and operate The Geek Lyfe along with a team of pretty awesome human beings. Our goal is to represent the underrepresented and the overlooked via events, articles, interviews, and more. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all of the projects we tackled this year to showcase our hard work. The Good Times Spring C...[Read More]

Wanna Write for Us?

Hey friends! The Geek Lyfe is looking to expand our coverage, both nationally and internationally! In order to do this, we are opening up a method to work with freelancers so they can write for us! Whether you are looking to do this as a hobby, or build your professional résumé, you’ve come to the right place! How the process works: -You’ll want to join our official Discord server: https://d...[Read More]

Our The Geek Lyfe T Shirts Are Now on Sale!

We know what you need: A great T-Shirt! That is why we wanted to let you know that our shirts and all other products are currently on sale at our TeePublic store for 35% off! Purchasing a product from goes directly to helping us grow! Equipment, events, travel expenses and various other aspects require finances and while we always do our best to take care of ourselves, there is no doubt at all tha...[Read More]

We Are Looking for Freelance Writers!

Ladies and gentlemen! We are looking for freelance writers to help us produce content and to showcase their hard work! Whether they are articles about reviews, opinions, tutorials, or anything else we want to check it out! At the time writing this article, we have 100K+ views on the website for the year of 2018. The Geek Lyfe is a safe environment where you can submit your work and it will be revi...[Read More]

Help The Geek Lyfe Grow!

Hey friends! Darth Mexican here, and recently we have been asked, “How can I help The Geek Lyfe grow?” I can not even begin to express how much my heart swells when so many people enjoy our brand so much that they want to know how they can make it easier to produce content. For a long time I would be too shy to answer that question honestly and would reply, “You already are!̶...[Read More]

Help The Geek Lyfe Grow!

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