Buying An RC Truck? Here Are A Few Things To Consider

Buying An RC Truck? Here Are A Few Things To Consider


Even with all the high-tech games that we have right now, remote controlled (RC) cars, trucks and other vehicles are still highly popular. Kids and their kids-at-heart parents are still having fun with them by using them for races in open spaces.

If you are looking to buy the right RC truck for yourself or your kid, there are some things that you should really consider before you take out your wallet and make the purchase. In this article, we present three of the most important dimensions to look into.


RC toy cars are best enjoyed in terrains that are a bit challenging. When we speak of challenge, things like water are often involved. So you won’t miss out on the fun, you have to make that the item that you get is proven to be waterproof. This way, you can make the truck run through puddles, patches of mud, and other rough terrain. It makes the races more fun and enticing for you and all those involved when the RC truck isn’t breaking down after a few minutes.

Not all electric RC trucks and any other store in the country are waterproof. Because of this, you really have to check the label or ask for assistance before you buy.  


If the toy truck that you are buying will be used for formal races, you surely need to make sure that the unit runs fast on many types of surfaces. Check the labels. However, sometimes the labels can be very technical, describing not the speed directly but the machine capacity. This might take time, but you need to do a little research to make sure that speed won’t be compromised.

If the unit is going to be just for fun and casual use for things like imaginative play, then speed won’t be that much of a priority. You can go with the one with the most basic dynamo and you are good to go, and as an added bonus these tend to be less expensive too.

Readiness for Upgrades

Once you already have your remote controlled toy truck with you, the probability is high that you would want to have it upgraded in the future, especially when you have already grown a bit attached to it. To prepare for this, it’s really going to be helpful if you make sure that the truck that you’re getting can easily be upgraded.

Now, only specific parts of a toy truck can be upgraded. You have to be certain which parts these are. You will then have to assess if the parts that cannot be upgraded are OK to be left as is.

Compatibility with Battery Types

RC trucks/cars often run on special types of batteries. When you buy, you have to be sure that the type and size of batteries that it uses is easily available to buy in stores or online. If it is not, you can ask the sellers if there are alternatives, and if so where to get them. Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to play because the battery is dead and you simply cannot replace it because of non-availability in stores.

An RC truck might be just a toy, but it can cost much. Hence, it is just right to have some sort of system when selecting RC trucks. Read some reviews on electric RC trucks from Dronethusiast to guide you in choosing one.

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