Can We Talk About Steven Universe: “A Single Pale Rose”?

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Can We Talk About Steven Universe: “A Single Pale Rose”?

Steven Universe is a show that is beloved by many. The story takes place in a small city by the name of Beach City and focuses on a young boy named Steven. Steven is the child of a human and Rose Quartz, a magical, humanoid type of alien called a Gem. Rose is also the leader of the rebel gems named the Crystal Gems. What the Crystal Gems are rebelling against is the Gem home world and its rulers, the Diamonds. The Diamonds believe that it is their place to rule the galaxy and force others to their will. Steven and his friends fight to stop their warpath in order to defend Earth.

Steven Universe debuted in 2013, and for five years we have watched the story transition from a light-hearted tale of friendship to intense, heart wrenching story lines that cause grown men and women to weep. While the songs and characters are enough to keep viewers entertained, the amount of mystery that surrounded the backstory of the show kept many on the edge of their seat. Often we would gain a bit of progress during a season but for every answer, various questions were raised.

One of the major questions of the show was centered around the famous Rose Quartz. She was known far and wide for slaying Pink Diamond, a feat that stunned many because of the sheer power difference between the two beings. How she actually killed Pink Diamond was never explained and when brought up, everyone deflects from answering often with their sorrow.

The most recent episode, titled, “A Single Pale Rose,” answered that very question after so long to the surprise of many. When Steven is plagued by visions of Pearl harming Pink Diamond, he confronts her while she is learning how to text on her new cellphone. Unable to provide a proper answer, she deflects in an awkward fashion before leaving the room completely. Steven later finds texts from her about the visions. When he tries to confront her again, she explains that she lost it inside her gem and requests he find it.

In true Steven Universe fashion, things get weird and Steven dances between various Pearls that reveal scenes from her past. The final scene is a Pearl that is asked by Rose Quartz to slay her in order for the Diamonds to forget about her. At this time A troubled Pearl agrees as Rose Quartz transforms into Pink Diamond and gives a final order to her subject to never speak of this incident. We have seen in every single season just how deeply Pearl cared for Rose Quartz.

We can understand just how deep her affection went as we now know that she helped Rose/Pink with this plan.

Afterwards they begin their act of deception.

When Steven returns to the real world and announces this truth, everyone but Pearl is shocked.


The theory that Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz were the same was common amongst fans. However a number of questions get raised, as always.

Garnet, who is a member of the Crystal Gems, has the ability to see the future. Why could she not see this coming?

Does Steven now have a seat of power along with the other Diamonds?

Was there an actual Rose Quartz or was it always just Pink Diamond?

How the heck did they think faking Pink Diamond’s death would not result in the destruction of all rebels? Did they really think that White, Yellow, and Blue Diamond would simply turn the other cheek?

Needless to say we are all waiting on the edge of our seat for the following episodes to see just how young Steven deals with these inner and outer conflicts.

To be honest, I was surprised just how casual they went about revealing this information. On one hand it is great to know that every episode has the potential to be earth shattering but on the other hand this should have been way more hyped.

The episode was literally Steven looking for Pearl’s cellphone! Now the entire fandom is up in arms about this confirmation! I am confident that the Steven Universe writers team have an epic conclusion to this already intense fifth season. Until that intro music chimes we’ll just have to take to the discussion boards to discuss our updated theories and put all of the SU songs on repeat.

Also praise Rebecca Sugar!

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