Con Nichiwa 2018 Offered Good Vibes and Great Guests!

Con Nichiwa is one of Tucson’s biggest anime conventions ran by Monkey Paw Entertainment who are known for running other great conventions such as Saboten Con, Kikori Con, and more! 

First and foremost, I have to give the biggest shout out to both Lvckydiamond and Heartless Aquarius. Originally I, Darth Mexican, was going to cover a majority of the content during the event but got pulled onto a last minute project. That is when the homies stepped up tremendously and help cover content on both Friday and Saturday!

During the weekend of Con Nichiwa, they had incredible guests such as Zach Callison who is the voice actor of Steven from Steven’s Universe, Elise Zhang who is the voice actor of Mei from Overwatch, and more! They also had wicked talented cosplayers like Amberskies Cosplay and Vicky Bunnyangel who both served as judges for the masquerade!

The vendor hall was packed of great vendors who sold wares of all kinds! If you wanted to purchase a giant sword prop for your cosplay or were looking to buy some quality art, there were plenty of booths who could help! A couple in particular were Gizmo Forge and The Crooked Feather who we actually got to interview!

SPEAKING OF INTERVIEWS! Check out Lvckydiamond’s first interview with Heartless Aquarius! More interviews coming soon to our YouTube channel!

Gizmo Forge is an artist who focuses on producing Legend of Zelda art of various kinds and prices. No matter your budget, she had something amazing for you! The Crooked Feather was a featured guest of Con Nichiwa and served as the third judge for the cosplay masquerade alongside Amberskies Cosplay and Vicky Bunnyangel. Crooked Feather is an artist who specializes in the craft of wing making, but not just static pieces with feathers attached, she actually engineers them fold and unfold as needed, adding to the aesthetics! Both of these vendors were splendid and were so eager to chat with fans and customers alike!

The AZ cosplay community could be found running up and down the halls of the convention having fun and showing off their latest work while photographers rushed to set up photo shoots with them. Shout out to the homies Polyxenastorm, Danierikaa, Crystaljemi, Courtex Studios, and Orange Slice Media!

Overall it was a fun weekend of geeky shenanigans, great guests, and good times! They did make the major announcement that they would be moving the location and date of Con Nichiwa to the Starr Pass Resort during the weekend of June 21st-23rd! More information is available here! We are excited to hear about these changes and will absolutely be there next year to see them grow even bigger and better!

Photos by Lvckydiamond and Darth Mexican

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