Five Ways to Become Better at Overwatch

Overwatch is, without a doubt, one of the most popular video games to date, with a player base of over 35 million and even a secured spot on ESPN with their professional scene, called Overwatch League. Overwatch League features the best of the best players from all around the world. The world of eSports has grown so much that adults can now not only survive off of these careers, but actually thriv...[Read More]

Black Friday 2018 Deals That Are Actually Deals

Black Friday 2018 is upon us. And that means everything is on sale at low low prices… Sometimes. Having monitored the past half dozen Black Friday deals like a shark, patterns start to stick out. Super low discounted items tend to be last year’s models or special SKUs, made specifically for that store and for Black Friday, never to be seen again. But sifting through all of the crud, th...[Read More]

Conventions Need Better Food Options

Whenever I go to a major event such as a convention or festival, it takes days to plan. I have to look at their website, possibly call managers, and research other people’s experience. The day of the event, I have to take the extra step of bringing (sometimes even sneaking) food. All of this is an annoyance, but it’s been a part of my life since my son was diagnosed with Celiac. Celiac...[Read More]

Ways to Combat Toxicity in Our Cosplay Community

Every morning, I start my day perusing the many social media outlets filled with excitement and anticipation of what wonderful cosplayers have to share with the world that day. Unfortunately, lately, I’ve been greeted by something else: hate and discord in the cosplay community. It’s disgusting, saddening and it’s getting harder and harder to scroll past and ignore. You might be thinking, “Hey, wh...[Read More]

9 Series on VRV to Make Back to School Easier!

School is back in session and that means learning new concepts, interacting with new people, and dealing with homework on top of it all. Some folks love school while others feel it is a drag. No matter what your opinion is, there is something everyone can enjoy in these nine great series available on VRV! Whether you need something to chill out with after school or kill time during lunch, they hav...[Read More]

Five Ways to Turn Your Date Night Geeky!

Spending time with your significant other is a great way to strengthen an established bond or foster a new one! While we all know and love the classic dinner and a movie combination, it can get a bit too routine. To help, we’ve compiled a list of five ways to turn your date night geeky! Table Top Gaming Night Personally, I’m not one for small talk. I always crave filling my time with c...[Read More]

How to Get Started with Cosplay: Planning

Now that you’ve done all your research to get started on your cosplay, what’s next? There are so many different ways to tackle the same task, so how do you choose what to do and where to start?I’m going to share my process for cosplay planning: how I decide the answer for each piece, and how I get going on that road to a completed costume! My next main step after extensive research is ...[Read More]

How to Get Started with Cosplay: Research

You’ve done it. You’ve decided you want to become a character from one of your favorite games, movies, anime, comic, or whatever kind of fandom you enjoy most. Or maybe you just have friends that already cosplay, but really would like to do a big group and they’ve asked you to be part of it. You’ve never cosplayed before, or have only done a quick “closet cosplay” but nothing quite as serious as y...[Read More]

A Guide on Fixing the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

The WordPress 403 forbidden error is a common error faced by WP users. If you are facing this issue with your site, there are some simple steps to follow to fix it. This is an HTTP status code that occurs when there is no permission for accessing a particular page or resources on your site. The underlying cause is incorrect configuration of the web server. It usually takes more time to identify th...[Read More]

Five Ways to Support Your Favorite Content Creators

One of the best aspects of the modern age is how we can create wonderful works of art and share it with the entire world. Art, music, movies, poetry, comedy, the list goes on and on, but we can so easily produce and consume any sort of content nowadays. This is both a blessing and a curse. While everyone is able to share their creations, it becomes that much harder to stand out from the rest. Ther...[Read More]

A Letter to My Younger Self

A Letter to My Younger Self I know, I know! You’ve see this kind of article before and so have I. The concept of writing a letter to your younger self is in no way new, but that doesn’t diminish how interesting the topic is. I didn’t think much of this concept until I actually pondered on what I would even say to my twelve-year-old or even my fifteen-year-old self. Heck, I could ...[Read More]

Stacking the odds in your favour as your groom yourself for Blackjack stardom

Stacking the odds in your favour as your groom yourself for Blackjack stardom If you are one of the millions of people that enjoy playing at online casinos, you will probably have heard that of all of the casino table games; Blackjack is the one where you can beat the bank. This understanding may be based on the practical card counting system developed back in the 1960s. The truth of the matter, h...[Read More]

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