Interview with Blank Trigger Gamers

I hope you are all doing well! Check out our interview with a local gaming group, Blank Trigger Gamers! We got to chat with an awesome member of their team, Nesto! Who are you and what do you do? BTG: We are the Blank Trigger Gamers! Consisting of 3 Members – Ernesto Guzman (AKA Nesto), Jared Steffen, and Loyal Dang. We’re YouTube content creators that dabble in Retro and Modern gaming...[Read More]

Fantastic LGBTQ Content Creators and Where to Find Them

To help celebrate Pride month we are going to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite LGBTQ content creator homies! These are fine folks who have poured their heart and soul into their craft whether it be cosplay, YouTube, Twitch, music, art, or more! We would absolutely love to add as many LGBTQ friends as we can! If you’d like to be added to this list, be sure to email us at info@t...[Read More]

YouTube’s (And Other Tech Giants’) Eventual Downfall Due to Their Poor Practices

The troubles began back in November of 2017. The New York Times reported that YouTube’s content labeled as safe for children was, in fact, the opposite. Characters from popular children’s shows committed suicide or dancing in a strip club, a child being abused under a video claiming to be about colors, or pirated children’s shows and movies are a small portion of the content you would have found e...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 2: Toy Story 4, New Marvel Movies, New Deadpool “Film?”

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews is back, and this week we have a movie themed episode. That’s just the way this week happened. It makes sense, though. It was a holiday week, so what better way to get the word out and people talking about the next big movie? Let’s jump right in. Toy Story 4 While the original Toy Story 4 teaser has been out for nearly two weeks, it was just confirmed this week by Buz...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 1: Stan Lee, Fallout 76, and Sony Leaving E3

The boys of Bytes N’ Brews are at it again. In addition to streaming multiple days a week on Twitch, we’re now getting together once a week to talk about the hottest topics in geek culture, and turning that into a quick video, dubbed Nerd News! Stan Lee In this inaugural episode of Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews, we are opening with something huge, the passing of a titan, someone near and dear to a...[Read More]

Bytes N’ Brews Sets Their Sights on Kinda Funny’s Gamecast!

Tony and Rob of Bytes N’ Brews are two long time gamers with a passion for booze. For years they have entertained fans with a Let’s Play series focused on the latest in the gaming industry and frequently bring on guests from the local AZ community. When they aren’t creating content for YouTube or Twitch, they are consuming it. Some of their favorite content creators are the boys of Easy Allies, a ...[Read More]

A Fond Farewell To Brostalgia!

A Fond Farewell To Brostalgia! If you are not familiar with the name Brostalgia, then you have been missing out! Brostalgia is a duo of best friends by the name of Powerforce and Gumbercules who play video games together and upload their sessions to YouTube. Each and every episode is filled with a number of side splitting jokes and it is a blast to watch the two conquer or get conquered by a numbe...[Read More]

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Content Creator Ever: Dodger!

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Content Creator Ever: Dodger! Ladies and gentlemen gather around because we have to take a moment to say happy birthday to one of the greatest content creators of all time: Dodger aka Dexbonus aka Dexterity Bonus aka Press Heart To Continue! If you are unfamiliar with Dodger she is a Youtuber/Streamer who plays a number of video games for the enjoyment of her fans wh...[Read More]

Five Reasons You Need To Follow Bytes N Brews!

Five Reasons You Need To Follow Bytes N Brews! Hey friends! I have been friends with Bytes n Brews for sometime now and I am baffled as to how the heck they remain so underground. In order to resolve this issue, I want to pitch you their channel and why they deserve your likes/follows and, most important of all: your subscription to their YouTube channel! If you are unfamiliar with their work, the...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Interviews Mega64!

The Geek Lyfe Interviews Mega64! At the time of writing this, it is the third and final day of Taiyou Con 2017. This year had a ton of great aspects to it but we’ll save that for the review! For this article we want to show you guys our interview with a group of incredible YouTubers called Mega 64! If you are not familiar with their content, they are comedians who takes the world of video ga...[Read More]

Is the Internet the new Celebrity Playground?

Is the Internet the new Celebrity Playground? There are not many people on earth who don’t believe the internet is one of the most incredible, life changing inventions the planet has ever seen. Almost everything we do is influenced by, or carried out on the net, and with the long heralded internet of things revolution picking up steam, it is soon going to be even more embedded into our everyday ex...[Read More]

Brostalgia VS. Bytes N’ Brews: The Crossening

Brostalgia VS. Bytes N’ Brews:  The Crossening A few weeks ago, Gumbers and Powerforce from our very own YouTube series, Brostalgia, had the opportunity to sit down with a couple of local YouTubers here in Phoenix and record a series of crossover episodes.  Bytes N’ Brews, with hosts Tony and Robert, is a YouTube channel that focuses on combining two of our favorite pass times:  Video ...[Read More]

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