YouTuber, Jesse Cox, Releases a Heartfelt 10 Year Anniversary Video That Every Content Creator Should Watch

We have an immense amount of respect for YouTuber Jesse Cox because he has consistently produced entertaining content for fans to enjoy on a variety of topics. Recently he celebrated his 10 Year Anniversary of being a content creator and decided to make a video to celebrate his success.


However this isn’t just another “Thank you, it means a lot to me!” video filled with nothing but praise. Instead, Jesse Cox takes a moment to not only give his thanks but also acknowledges the regrets and failures of his past. We’ve all known Jesse to be both a comedian and professional reviewer when it comes to games but rarely do we see this vulnerable side of him. He talks about past relationships, accidentally weaponizing his audience, and more.

He gives a great deal of advice to those content creators who are just starting out as well in hopes that his wisdom will save others a tremendous about of struggle that he went through.

It is a video worth watching because of just how authentic it is! We hope Jese Cox has another ten years of immense success!


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