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5 Gateway Video Games to Get Kids into Gaming

Back in the day parents didn’t really know how to handle the emerging culture of video games. For many, they simply judged the game by its title or cover and decided whether or not to purchase it for their kid. Most of us geeks have been disappointed by a Christmas present that was a lackluster video game that left us grateful for the effort but disappointed by the product. Alternatively, we...[Read More]

Dad Mode is a Real Video Game Play Style

I’ve been a gamer my entire life, starting off with the awesome that was Super Nintendo. I spent the good times and the bad behind a screen as I worked my little brown booty off in order to get to a level where I could one-hit kill bosses or find every single hidden object in my favorite games. I’ve made a lot of cherished friends from World of Warcraft as I played every single day for...[Read More]

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