The Geek Lyfe is Thankful 2019!

Another year comes and another year passes! After the brand started in 2012, many things have changed. Although I, DeAngelo Murillo, may have been the one to start The Geek Lyfe, there have been a lot of people who have come in and helped make things better, faster, and stronger before leaving to pursue whatever path got them closer to their own goals. Each and every one of them passed on a bit of...[Read More]

The Problem with Sexual Abuse in the Geeky Community

Trigger warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual abuse When Cynthia Naugle came out with her post on December 10, 2018, regarding an unnamed abusive person in her past while working at a comic book store, the geeky community was astounded. The world put on their investigative shoes and found out who the unnamed abuser was the day after–Eric Esquivel. Within two weeks he had lost...[Read More]

Nervous Nerds who Need New Relief: Try CBD oil

We all know that nerds and geeks are a group full of people who have anxiety, me being one of them. This oftentimes holds us captive from going out and socializing with anyone in person. We can slay dire beasts in Dungeons & Dragons, level up quick in MMORPGs, and feel at ease chatting online. But crowds of new faces and unique minds can be way too much to handle, unless you’re cosplaying as s...[Read More]

Conventions Need Better Food Options

Whenever I go to a major event such as a convention or festival, it takes days to plan. I have to look at their website, possibly call managers, and research other people’s experience. The day of the event, I have to take the extra step of bringing (sometimes even sneaking) food. All of this is an annoyance, but it’s been a part of my life since my son was diagnosed with Celiac. Celiac...[Read More]

A Letter to My Younger Self

A Letter to My Younger Self I know, I know! You’ve see this kind of article before and so have I. The concept of writing a letter to your younger self is in no way new, but that doesn’t diminish how interesting the topic is. I didn’t think much of this concept until I actually pondered on what I would even say to my twelve-year-old or even my fifteen-year-old self. Heck, I could ...[Read More]

Can Women Be Superheroes?

Can Women Be Superheroes? By Mary P. Since 1944, there have been 76 Marvel and DC related movies. By 2020, there will be 17 more. Out of all 93 of these movies, 4* feature a woman as the main character. We all know the failures of Elektra and Catwoman, both coming in at a whopping 10% and 9%, respectively, on Rotten Tomatoes. Mansplainers everywhere use these epic flops as proof that female-led su...[Read More]

Astroneer- The Space Game You Want

Astroneer- The Space Game You Want With the disappointment of No Man’s Sky, I was very wary of any space games that proclaimed fun exploration and space creation. So when I started Astroneer, I was hesitant to get too excited. But let me say this: Astroneer is the No Man’s Sky we all wanted. It filled the black hole in my heart (pun intended) that No Man’s Sky left behind. Althou...[Read More]

Thinking Outside the D&D Box

Thinking Outside the D&D Box The ground shook as it split in two. The growing chasm pried apart in a wicked grin splitting the group apart…making way for the Abomination resting beneath. Taldan the wizard stumbled, nearly falling to the ground as a large tendril rose from the split in the earth seeking purchase. Taldan’s eyes narrowed as he gripped his staff, his whitening knuckles betraying h...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Treasures: Episode 2 Featuring Freeplay Frenchie

The Geek Lyfe Treasures: Episode 2 Featuring Freeplay Frenchie This episode features Freeplay Frenchie! She is a Geek Lyfe writer from the UK! She shows her her incredible collection of dolls, legos, and posters for all her fans to see! Be sure to check out more of her content on her blog and YouTube! We at The Geek Lyfe want to connect to our audience on a more personal level and we thought a gre...[Read More]

Why Steven Universe “Mindful Education” Broke Me

Why Steven Universe “Mindful Education” Broke Me Hey friends! For those who don’t know me, I am Darth Mexican and I am the owner of The Geek Lyfe. While owning an indie geek website is fun, it’s still pretty taxing especially when you add in the fact that I work 40 hours a week, have to maintain my friendships, ensure my family knows I love them, and some how convince a wom...[Read More]

Is the Internet the new Celebrity Playground?

Is the Internet the new Celebrity Playground? There are not many people on earth who don’t believe the internet is one of the most incredible, life changing inventions the planet has ever seen. Almost everything we do is influenced by, or carried out on the net, and with the long heralded internet of things revolution picking up steam, it is soon going to be even more embedded into our everyday ex...[Read More]

Top Five Comics for New Comic Readers

Top Five Comics for New Comic Readers So you want to start reading comics, eh? First off, welcome! Welcome to the wonderful, rich and vibrant world of comic books and graphic novels. That glorious world, though, can be intimidating to someone who only so far has danced along the fringes of it. Going to your local comic book store is a daunting experience for someone just dipping their toes into th...[Read More]

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