CCNA Examination Questions And Answers 2022

The CCNA 200-301 test is one of the most well-known examinations in the IT industry. It is well-known everywhere, and certification allows you to secure massive employment in the IT area.

This qualification will help you acquire the best jobs, raises, and promotions, among other things. This exam, however, is not simple to pass. It necessitates a great deal of effort and patience. You must study intensively to pass the exam. Here You can find more info about CCNA dumps.

Why Should You Take the Cisco CCNA Exam (200-301)?

A Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is the first step toward a career in information technology. The Cisco Certified Network Associate exam covers a wide range of IT basics – in earning this credential. 

It will open up several possibilities for the successors. Additionally, since 1984, Cisco has worked tirelessly to give the finest and most timely network solutions. It gets created by LAN pioneers Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner (Local Area Networking). It makes their selection all the more rational and trustworthy. For your reference here is the CCNA exam questions and answers 2021 free.

CCNA Exam Objectives or Topics

There are six components in the Cisco CCNA 200-301 test. In the official CCNA test design, theoretical subjects make up 36% of the exam topics, while the remaining 64% require – a method of hands-on involvement.

  • Fundamentals of Networking (20 percent weight or about 20 questions)
  • Network Access (20% weighting or around 20 questions)
  • IP Connectivity (weighted at 25% or 25 questions)
  • IP Services (10% weighting or ten questions)
  • Fundamentals of Security (15 percent weight or about 15 questions)
  • Programmability and Automation (10 percent weight or about ten questions)

CCNA Exam and Job Task Analysis (JTA)

JTA is all about matching the test to the actual function you’ll get performing as a junior Enterprise network engineer. So, what are the best positions in the Enterprise Infrastructure field that you may work in today?

  • Network Engineer,
  • Network Automation Engineer

We can observe that the CCNA test maps to both positions based on those two responsibilities. The CCNA test skims the surface of each of those responsibilities, and mastery necessitates passing some of the CCNP level core and focused examinations.

CCNA Exam Fees and Costs

Each CCNA exam attempt is $300, as are all other 200 and 300 series examinations.

To pass the test, how many points do you need?

People’s first inquiry: they hear about CCNA tests is, “What score do you need to pass the exam?” The precise proportion you require is 82 percent. It is a high score, but you can get it if you work hard. You can rapidly achieve the ideal score if you do so.


For the Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam to be passed, you must put in more effort and practice. You will need to use various study – tools like training courses, CCNA practice examinations, and study guides.

Manage your time, stay focused, and get devoted during the CCNA test preparation process. Your certification verifies your abilities and commitment to your profession and provides you with an appealing résumé that attracts future employers, clients, and business partners.

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