How Technology Continues to Revolutionise the Way We Place Bets

It is interesting to note that online gambling has been around since the 1990s, largely due to an innovation by two brothers, Andrew and Mark Rivkin. They developed what was considered to be a secure system of online transactions. The brand was called Intertain at that time but since then has seen a name change to CryptoLogic due to a major rebranding effort. They proceeded to form a subsidiary, WagerLogic, in an effort to use these secure transactions for real applications. 

It was their intention to begin licensing software for gaming but one that could also deal with customer support. After that, the brothers created what has been historically labelled as the first online casino. It was called InterCasino, obviously because it was on the internet, and is known as the very first application in which gamers could gamble over the internet with real money. Some of those early capabilities are still in use today, but newer technology is revolutionising the way in which bets are placed.

From the Internet to Mobile and Smart Technology

One of the major ways in which technology has revolutionised the way in which bets are placed is the development of mobile technology that rapidly advanced to smart technology and smartphones. Players are now able to watch live casino games on their smart mobile devices as they unfold on sites like Jackpot Casino and with what is known as live betting, they can change previously made pre-game bets as the game progresses. 

Live casino games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat are featured there and are perfect examples of how technology has revolutionised the way in which bets are made. It’s interesting to watch and play at that online, especially for old timers who are accustomed to betting before the game commenced. What an innovation to be able to securely place a bet on the fly in the middle of a game taking place in real time.

Speaking of Secure Wagers

Referring back to the Rivkin brothers who are often referred to as the fathers of ‘secure’ internet transactions, the technology has come a very, very long way since Intertain and CryptoLogic. It would be wonderful if we lived, worked and played in a world where we didn’t have the need to watch our backs at every move, but sadly, that isn’t the case. There are too many nefarious characters out there that are technologically advanced enough to hack even the securest of networks. Even so, technology is continually advancing to provide security in financial transactions online. Today betters can be assured that live bets (in-play betting) are as safe as any transaction can be.

As interesting as all this might be, it only just touches on the technology that is revolutionising the way bets are placed, and made safe, online. With the peace of mind that comes from knowing a casino’s ‘bank’ is safe from being breached by hackers, gamblers can place money in their account to be used quickly on live bets. In days gone by, casino customers placed only what they needed in their account because the technology for secure transactions wasn’t as safe as it should have been. 

At this point, we’ll leave you with one final thought. As rapidly as technology has advanced over just the past couple of decades, how do you imagine bets will be placed in another twenty years?

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