Cool Reality Shows You Can Watch Online

Cool Reality Shows You Can Watch Online

Admit it: there are times when you genuinely find reality shows entertaining. There’s a lot to be gained from watching real life drama after all. Reality shows are arguably the public’s most popular guilty pleasure, and with the emergence of streaming services, you can now watch them any time you want. If you’re not sure on which shows to binge-watch, allow this list to give you ideas.


Terrace House

Watch if: You want a relaxing show about human interactions.

Terrace House is a Japanese reality show that follows the lives of six strangers who are all placed under one roof. Unlike the Big Brother franchise however, these people aren’t cut off from the outside world. They’re allowed to access the Internet, invite some friends over, and even go to work.

The show is an interesting choice in this list, because it is the antithesis of reality TV. While there is a bit of drama injected, the show is mostly naturalistic and slow-burning in its pace. The conflicts are really just honest friction between people with minor personality flaws. GQ writer Joshua Rivera actually recommends Terrace House to those who hate reality TV, because of its unique approach.

Terrace House is available on Netflix.

While on the subject, The Geek Lyfe previously released Vol 1. for What to Watch on Netflix. Check it out soon.


Shark Tank

Watch if: You want inspiration to start your own business.

Pitching a business idea to potential investors is always a nerve-racking experience, as you witness in each episode of Shark Tank. The show has been running since 2009 and has bagged several awards for an Outstanding Reality Program.

In Shark Tank, aspiring entrepreneurs are given the chance to pitch to a panel of potential investors, known as “sharks”. These investors are paid to appear on the show, but the money to be invested will be their own. There seems to be no script governing the show, as it only shows the dramatic reality of pitch meetings. If you ever want lessons on how to present to a bunch of business tycoons, this is the show to watch.

Shark Tank is available on ABC Go.


Queer Eye

Watch if: You’re fascinated by makeovers.

Queer Eye is the remake of the 2003 program that saw five gay men give a straight man a makeover. However, this new version ups the ante by moving the location from New York to America’s Deep South where there are more conservative men.

The makeover in question is not just physical in nature. Each of the “Fab Five” has his specialization – culture, fashion grooming, food, and design. You can see in each episode how all of them work hard to help the participants overcome their struggles. It is essentially a reality show that teaches you to take care of yourself, regardless of your gender.

Queer Eye is available on Netflix.


The X Factor

Watch if: You like watching unlikely talented people shock the judges.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, The X Factor is the long-running reality TV music competition created by the infamous Simon Cowell. It’s the show that churned out boy band One Direction, girl group Fifth Harmony, and musicians Olly Murs and Cher Lloyd.

Keep in mind, none of these celebrities ever finished first place in the show, which means anything goes. That’s what makes The X Factor exciting to watch. Because of the show’s often unpredictable results, it has become a sport to wager on who the winners will be. Gambling’s X Factor page shows the odds for each contestant, based on who is favored the most. Many viewers partake in these bets in order to create an extra layer of excitement while watching the show. But for those who often miss the premieres on TV, they can catch up through online means instead.

The X Factor is available on ITV.

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