Some Ridiculously Simple Games That Still Remain Popular Online

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The oldies are the goodies, which is certainly the case when referring to classic games we all used to play in our younger days. The perception is that these games are perhaps not as popular in today’s world but have been spruced up and tailored to suit a more modern audience. That’s not entirely true, although of course some have been given a slightly new lick of paint, so to speak.

You sometimes can’t beat the original version of something, can you? With this in mind, below is a list of games that still remain popular online today, making them the timeless classics we all know and love.


Many slow days at work have gone just that little bit quicker thanks to this classic game. Probably one of the best known, and by far, one of the most-played computer PC and Mac games around, Solitaire is still prominent today, with a number of classic versions still available, highlighting just why it is one of the world’s biggest video games ever. A patience game, your card sorting skills need to be up to scratch for this one as the overall aim is to arrange all thirteen cards of each suit in order and into their correct “family”.


Blackjack is just as prominent today as it was a hundred odd years ago. There are a number of variants to the game depending on what country you’re in, where, for example, in America the players and the dealer is dealt two cards, whereas in other countries, such as the UK, the dealer receives one card face up. Trying to prevent the hand exceeding 21 is the aim of the game, otherwise the hand is “hard”. There is another variant to Blackjack though, which is part of the reason why this ever-changing game appeals to such a huge audience. Play 3 card brag online to see for yourself, but essentially each card in 3 Card Brag consists of three regular playing cards, with a number of different card combinations dictating the size of the payout. First a player must select their initial bet, with a number of coin sizes to choose from, then, once the bet is placed, the Deal button is pressed and off you go. Crucially, the game begins with three face-up cards dealt to the player, with three face-down cards dealt to the dealer – yet another variation to this beautifully classic game.


Initially released in Japan and America in 1980, Pacman is an all-time classic arcade game. Simple in its functionality, you have to navigate your way through a maze full of dots and pellets, with the goal being to consume all the pellets but avoid being caught by four multi-coloured ghosts. As you progress through the levels, the ghosts become more and more aggressive, meaning Pacman runs the risk of losing a life, although that life can be regained at certain points values. Pacman is not only addictive and fun, but it can be incredibly infuriating too – the sort of game you can’t put down until you’ve completed it!


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Available on a wide variety of platforms, Tetris is a game even your non-gaming friends would have been hooked on at some stage in their lives. The game pieces, called Tetriminos, are all shaped differently and, much like a puzzle, your job is to manipulate the dropping Tetriminos by moving each one sideways and/or rotating them, so they form a solid horizontal line without gaps. Such a simple but addictive game.

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