How These New Technologies are Transforming the Gambling Industry

It is no secret that gambling has been around ever since time began. From ancient China and the street of Ancient Rome to gambling houses in 17th century Italy to Las Vegas, gambling has kept on evolving and embracing new technology. So much so that players at the best online casinos don’t realize how lucky they are – even if the cards are not falling in their favor. Once upon a time, it was not all impressive graphics and fast gameplay. Modern technology has made online gambling even better and has been a match made in heaven for online casinos. Nowadays, technology is making online and offline gambling safer, fairer and a richer experience for everyone. Here are some of the ways modern technology is transforming the gambling industry. Nlp machine learning

Artificial Intelligence

There was once a gang of scammers in Asia who used their own special technology to know the exact order of a deck of cards, allowing them to predict what would happen. Nowadays, even with these clever tricks, scammers and criminals cannot get away with it. This is because casinos are now using cameras fitted with artificial intelligence. These intelligence systems are able to pick up on unusual behavior that could point to cheating techniques being used on the casino floor. Did James Bond just become real?

Blockchain Technology

Blockchains have been used in more industries that you can count. From preventing people selling cars with artificial mileage calculations to changing the way we cross borders with passports, the blockchain has had a hand in these advancements. Now, blockchain is also benefiting gamblers and casinos. People are easily able to make their own online casino using the blockchain, while simultaneously enabling players to make safer online transactions.


Smartphones may not seem as impressive as artificial intelligence and blockchains, nor are they as complex to most of us. Yet, the smartphone may have reshaped the gambling landscape the most. Thanks to smartphones which can download apps (another great invention for online gambling!), players can now play their favorite casino games anywhere and at any time. Without smartphones, online gambling would not be as popular as it is right now.

Touchscreen Games

When you are at the casino, joining a table may be tough due to the number of people present or it may be daunting for new players and beginner gamblers. The good news is that both of these problems are overcome with touchscreen live games. Many of the best casinos will fit cameras above their most popular tables and allow gamblers to make bets from in front of a computer elsewhere in the casino. These computers let gamblers view the game through the camera and make their own bets on an interactive touchscreen computer.

This short post could have spanned over many pages. There are a vast number of technologies making their way into bricks-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. Here are just four of the best ways that gambling is tackling criminals, become safer and more fun to play for everyone.

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