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Need an amazing cosplayer to follow? You need to check out our interview with Leira Cosplayers!


What is your cosplay origin story? 

I started to cosplay a few years ago. I really wanted to cosplay Allura from the Netflix series of Voltron. I didn’t know how to sew or make any type of garment at the time. I almost gave up, but my older sister really encouraged me to keep trying. I’m so thankful she believed in me. I still can’t believe I was able to make those outfits! I somehow managed to make a decent gown and a bodysuit without pins to hold the fabric or any experience with a sewing machine. It took a lot of trial and error; but thankfully, I was able to do it.


Out of all the years you have done cosplay, what has been one of your more favorite/proudest memories? 

My Nessa cosplay. I made the cosplay from scraps of leftover fabric. I also cut up an old t-shirt. I don’t have a high budge for my cosplay hobby; so to be able to make a cosplay without spending any extra money made me very happy. It turned out better than I could have imagined.


Many people online will simply see one of your images, appreciate it for the moment and move on. However, I know that a lot of care and time goes into photoshoots. Could you describe your process for a cosplay photoshoot from the concept to when it hits your fans? 

My parents always told me I have an expansive and vivid imagination. They would joke and say I’m always in my own world. It’s usually when I’m daydreaming about a series that a concept comes to my mind for a cosplay photoshoot. I tend to get really immersed in whatever series I watch; so I try to convey the feel of the of character I’m cosplaying in my posts. I like to get in character to help capture the essence of the character.

It does take a considerable amount of time to take my photos. To make it easier, I shoot a lot of my cosplays at home in my bedroom. I get out my ring light, hang some fabric on my closet door for a backdrop, and take pictures with my phone. If the weather is nice, I try to get out and take my photos outdoors. My husband usually helps take my pictures when I’m outside. When he can’t help, I use a timer on my phone. That’s always challenging because I legit run back and forth from my phone to get to my pose haha. Thankfully it always works out in the end.


Out of all the cosplays you have ever done which one was your personal favorite even if it was not super well received by fans?

My Emily cosplay from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” is one of my personal favorite cosplays. Compared to a few of my other cosplays, it didn’t seem like many people liked it all that much. But I absolutely loved cosplaying her! I really enjoyed the makeup and effort I put into putting the cosplay together. I took so many in character videos but only uploaded one. I will eventually upload more. I just haven’t found the right time.


You feature a lot of awesome geeky content, what is your absolute favorite geeky medium? (Video games, anime, comics, film, etc.) 

That’s a hard question, I would say it’s a tie between anime and video games.


Subbed or Dubbed Anime?

Both lol


It is apparent that you hustle to provide content for fans but when you actually have a day off, how do you spend it? 

Honestly, cosplaying relaxes me and isn’t a hustle at all. When I have free time, I like to sit down and sew. I’m not even good at sewing haha. But the feeling I get when I put together a look just brings me so much joy. Putting on makeup is like painting for my face. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy creating things with my hands. Once I finish putting a look together, I dress up and take lots of photos, so putting out content for my social media pages is easy.

However, if I’m not playing dress-up, then you’ll catch me playing video games, hanging out with my family, or napping – I love a good nap.


You just radiate such confidence and the swagger of a champion. However, a lot of geeks often struggle with overwhelming self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. When you have those bad days and get down on yourself, what do you do to remind yourself that you are wonderful?

Thank you so much for thinking that. I try my best to put out positivity in my content. But whenever I do struggle with those feelings, I make every effort to figure out where they stem from.

What has helped me in the past is to get offline, stop watching tv, and make an effort to spend time with people I love and who love me. I put more energy into not focusing on myself and remember what I know is true and what is important in my life. Reading the Bible also helps me tremendously. There’s a peace I get from the Word that’s hard to explain. But it’s my faith in God and what He says about me that uplifts me in whatever struggles I face.


What is one piece of advice you wish you received when you first got into modeling/cosplay? 

Do some research before going out and buying materials. It will save you time and money.


Where can we find you online?

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter “Leiracosplays”

I have a Twitch too. You’ll most likely catch me streaming Minecraft:

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

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