Creator Interview: KawaiiFaceMiles

I always try my hardest to find wonderful content creators to interview in order to highlight their accomplishments and introduce them to our community. This week we had a fantastic guest who is not only a fighting game champion but also a partnered Twitch streamer and an all-around amazing person! This is KawaiiFaceMiles and she sat down with me to discuss the highs and lows of her career over the years.


I came into the interview knowing it was going to lead to great discussions but I was not prepared for all the entailed. KawaiiFaceMiles spoke on the hardest times in her career facing physical/mental abuse from a partner, being trans in the gaming community, and having to deal with the trauma of her past while also striving to build her brand to even greater heights. I am truly humbled to get to discuss such important and serious topics with her because it clearly was not easy to do.

I recommend her content to anyone looking for inspiration on what a champion looks like. She fights tooth and nail to become a better version of herself every single day and that is something we can all learn from!

Check out KawaiiFaceMiles on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and even her own website!


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