DC Heroes arrive onto TV! Are they worth watching?

Flash! Arrow! Gotham! We haven’t seen a live action DC comics television show since Smallville back in 2001 to 2011. Even during it’s reign we were exposed to the first instance of DC super heroes appearing on the most popular show and then appear on their own shows later on. During Smallville we saw two other DC shows attempt to make it on air, both Birds of Prey and Aquaman. Unfortunately, one had been cancelled early on and the other simply did not even make it past the pilot episode.


Both were cringe worthy even to a very geeky fourteen year old(Me). However, years have come and gone and we are here now at 2015 with Arrow, Flash, and Gotham now appearing on the CW/Fox. But the question is…

DC Heroes arrive onto TV! Are they worth watching?


Diving right in to the longest running show of the three, Arrow, tells the tale of Oliver Queen. He was a playboy, incredibly wealthy due to his parents when his ship crashes at sea and he is left on an island sorta for six years and masters the art of stealth, interrogation, tracking and archery. He returns to Starling city to find the corruption thick and practically everyone and their mother has ‘Failed this city’.


Although the first season was a bit of a learning process for the writers it seemed as the characters and their roles shifted. For an example, in the first season Arrow shoots to kill almost everyone in his path, sometimes allowing the big baddies to get away. Whereas in season 2, he tones down his bloodlust quite a bit. In my personal opinion it seemed that the writers thought it might give Arrow a more gritty feel if bodies dropped left and right. As a viewer I did enjoy the assumed kill shots because realistically if someone were shooting at you with an automatic weapon, you go for the throat. However, believing that Arrow was a hero was a challenge as he now seemed like a Punisher type vigilante. In season 2 and 3 he admits he was wrong in killing everyone and vows to be a little less harsh. Although there are moments where the show feels somewhat too safe like Smallville did in many of it’s episodes, they do have their moments of awesome violence.

As the season have rolled on the Arrow team has become stronger and larger, taking on new members and even meeting/having a hand in creating new heroes. Many of which are played by incredible actors from memorable media such as Firefly, Spartacus, Black Dynamite, Superman Returns, and so many more. You’ll no doubt notice them and freak out as I did seeing them take on a rle in the DC universe.

Although Arrow did have a bit of a shaky start, they are one of the most entertaining shows on the air to date.


Following our emerald archer is the fastest man alive, the Flash! The character of Barry Allen first showed his face in season two of Arrow, assisting the team with taking down a villain. His presence in the episode conveyed his wit, smarts, charm and courage making his transition into becoming a meta-human a very easy one. When this crimson crusader got his TV show, the writers and casting directors that made Arrow wonderful came over to assist. And assist they did as they created a hit from episode one.  Opposite to the night time focused, flashback heavy, non-powered feel of Arrow, the Flash has their adventures in the light of day, has powers left and right, and overall feels like a comic book.

Although their show is very light hearted and focused more on good times and humor, this sometimes makes the show quite predictable. In every episode they introduce a character stronger than our hero in one way or another, they have an internal struggle until the power of friendship saves the day with no one harmed. Well, most of the time anyways. There was one episode where a kind hearted meta-human struggled to keep her powers under control and eventually imploded so badly that it could have injuried thousands. But again, it did not hurt a single person thanks to Barry Allen. Then again you could argue that this is what makes a great hero and we all watch the show to see great heroes doing awesome things.

Another aspect of of the show that I enjoy is the fact that the main character has an actual love life and has his fair share of heart break. This is a change from the stone cold Oliver Queen whose sole purpose in life is the betterment of his city. As a sucker for Rom-Coms, this is a very large draw for me for Flash.

While still a new show, Flash has already made large strides in creating unique plots that a lot of the fan base is dying to see come to completion.


Though last on the list, Gotham is in no way lacking. Gotham is the telling of Jim Gordon’s rise to power in his corrupt city. Like every DC Comic fan, I too was yearning to see if this was the show that could be a great Batman show. Well, to tell you the truth I was dead wrong. This show is not a Batman show at all. There are no batarangs, caped crusader, batmobile or even a bat signal. While this was disappointing at first, viewers quickly found that the down to earth vibe meeting a DC comic was refreshing.

A show in which bullets can and will kill, issues are not magically resolved with gadgets nor powers, not every person in the show is lawful good. No sir, in Gotham every person has their skeletons. From the darkest and most twisted of criminals to our great and powerful hero Jim Gordon has done acts of evil and faces the physiological and real life consequences of  their decisions.

Although on occasion mixing a Batman origin story with a gritty detective story can be difficult and can result in some very silly episodes such as the Balloon man, the majority of the show is put together quite well and is incredibly enjoyable.

With these three awesome DC shows making tons of head way, it is leading the way to even more shows such as Supergirl, The Atom, Firestorm and so many more. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

What do you think about these shows? Write your comments below! 


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