The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review

The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review Damn does it ever feel good to be back in Central City with Team Flash. After the stellar first season ended, a giant nerdy void was left in my life on Tuesdays. Now the Scarlet Speedster returns for his season 2 premiere…CHECK IT! ***SPOILERS FOR THE FLASH SEASON 2 EPISODE 1*** Season 2 kicks off 6 months after the end of the previous season,...[Read More]

True Detective Review/Recap S02E04

“Sometimes your worst self is your best self.” -Frank Semyon Okay… So we all know that episode 4 is when last season REALLY began to pick up the pace and the same can be said for this season. BECAUSE HOLY CRAP THAT SHOOTOUT!!!! *ahem* Let’s talk about some other things that happened in this episode before we get to that. The facts and coincidences really begin to stack up i...[Read More]

Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 3

Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Many times we fans see our favorite shows get green-lit for multiple seasons and we both cheer for joy and at the same time seized by a fear that it may get worse and we’d have to see something we love struggle for years to end with dignity, the Simpsons may never get the sweet release of death. So when it was announced that after the smash success of...[Read More]

SUPERGIRL: Extended Trailer

SUPERGIRL: Extended Trailer Released by CBS was an extended trailer, a six minute and thirty seven second trailer to be exact! It gives us a snap shot of what the series will be about. We find Kara as a 24 year old working for a media mogul who attempts to help National City out by using her abilities to avert disasters and stop crime. From what we can tell in these 6  minutes, the writers seem to...[Read More]

DC Heroes arrive onto TV! Are they worth watching?

Flash! Arrow! Gotham! We haven’t seen a live action DC comics television show since Smallville back in 2001 to 2011. Even during it’s reign we were exposed to the first instance of DC super heroes appearing on the most popular show and then appear on their own shows later on. During Smallville we saw two other DC shows attempt to make it on air, both Birds of Prey and Aquaman. Unfortun...[Read More]

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