El Chicano Is a Different Kind of Super Hero Film

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El Chicano Is a Different Kind of Super Hero Film

While the rest of the world is consumed with the awesome that is Avengers: Endgame , El Chicano sneaks into the arena of the super hero franchise. Directed by Ben Hernandez Bray, El Chicano focuses on Diego and Pedro who are twin brothers that grew up in East L.A. surrounded by gangs and violence. There was a person who hunted down gang members that was called El Chicano.

Diego was able to better himself by becoming a part of law enforcement while his brother was killed under mysterious circumstances. As Diego discovers that the Mexican Cartel is coming to bring increased crime to the city. Only Diego can stop this from happening BUT HAS TO DO SO OUTSIDE OF THE LAAAAAAW.

To be honest, El Chicano is a good indie film! It is different and refreshing to see a hero that is not from the Marvel or DC Comics universe. Raúl Castillo does a great job as a conflicted hero who can not stand to see criminals get away from justice.

The film features a number of prolific Hispanic actors such as: Aimee Garcia, George Lopez, Emilio Rivera, Marlene Forte and more.The diversity of the cast and the take on California gang culture was refreshing from the constant stream of aliens and other over the top situations.

However, the film over all was over the top. A lone man entering a bar filled of armed thugs and he beats all of them single handedly. Or that a large group of police officers get attacked by the cartel and it doesn’t not spark immediate F.B.I. involvement. Also after watching cartel content like Netflix’s Narcos, seeing only a handful of guards for high ranking drug lords made me chuckle.

However, I enjoyed El Chicano and legitimately hope for more films in the series just to see more incredible Hispanic actors get screen time!  If you don’t enjoy super hero films or are looking for a film with depth, I’d look else where.

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