Five Brands Who Nail Geek Chic Fashion

Looking for ways to represent your interests while also looking fashionable? We are here to help with Five Brand Who Nail Geek Chic Fashion! these brands will shock and awe you with their wares and a majority of them are independent shops rand by a small team of creators so a majority of the sales will help them grow!

Fake Nerd

Fake Nerd is known far and wide for having a quality geeky fashion that is beloved by all! One look at their anime/gaming-inspired aesthetic inventory will have you filling your cart with their goods!

Anime Trash Swag

Speaking of Anime inspired aesthetic, Anime Trash Swag has been a huge favorite of ours. They are talented, hard-working, passionate, and constantly come up with fantastic designs that will make your haw drop. You’ll absolutely want to check them out!

“ATS ▼ ANIMETRASHSWAG [est. January 2015] is a SICK & STREET alternative apparel fashion brand, all lovingly & exclusively crafted & designed by these two nerds: mostflogged & TATTO!!! hashtag anime streetwear.
The brand started with modded snapbacks & has since evolved to include embroidered hats, screen printed & all-over-print apparel with original art, necklaces, chokers, bottoms, sweaters, art prints, hand made coats, custom-modded purses & TONS of other punked out goodies!!!
ATS is based in Southern California & NYC, and attends many conventions throughout the year!
At ATS, a lot is up for grabs as far as aesthetics go – the only thing we hate is BEING WEAK!!!!! All you gotta do is love anime & WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT ▼” -ATS


Living Dead

Living Dead is a brand I just recently discovered and have fallen head over heels for with their unique designs. They have a huge range of products aimed for women from dresses to swimsuits, each and every single one of them sport some kind of geeky design that’ll win over that special someone in your life!

“Founded in Australia in 2012 by Wade Lange, Living Dead is all about mashing together a contrast of styles inspired by today’s generation who are unapologetically themselves, revolt against reform and are the enemy to the ordinary. kaleidoscope of vibes proudly brought to you by those who refuse to get caught up in the monotony that is normal life and live on their own terms. 

The Brisbane based label has always done things its own way. Decisions are made with passion by a team obsessed with what they do. Designs are collaborative, dreamt up with feedback from the brand’s legion of rad fans – “The Deadites”. Living Dead threads are entirely [ethically and sweatshop free] designed and made in Australia at the label’s HQ den in Brisbane! ” – Living Dead

Death Saves

Death Saves is rad all the way around. While other brands might cater to being cute, cool, or sexy, Death Saves is just brutal with their Dungeons & Dragons inspired designs. You’ll want to check them out if you are interested in blood, guts, and gore!

“We grew up in the 80s

We played Dungeons & Dragons with our friends in dim basements. We battled monsters in our imaginations. We sought out dense game manuals that were as arcane as ancient spellbooks. We pored over savage and brutal fantasy illustrations that set our adolescent brains on fire. We endured book burnings and witch-hunts from a myopic public that deemed role-playing games to be occult and evil. 

And we loved it… All of it.

It galvanized us as a group and as a result, we come from a place of the deepest respect for that era and those aesthetics. We are here to channel our vivid nostalgia and lifelong passions for fantasy & sci-fi through the mediums of metal art, illustration, typography, and the subversive culture that grew out of them. We Wish to summon those same emotions we felt when we saw our first Frazetta painting, blue ink module map or the cover of Deities and Demigods. We are dedicated to bearing a blazing torch of homage for the pioneers of the vintage gaming, artwork, and spirit we grew up with while finding new and fresh ways to provoke the imaginations of the next generation of gamers.



Cube U Designs

Cube U Designs is pure chaos and we are living for it! Quality art mixed with internet memes is pretty much Cube U Design’s aesthetic that will leave you laughing hard at all of their products while also buying them all! the added benefit is that Cube U is a one-woman army who prints the shirts, makes the designs and runs her social media! Your money goes straight to the artist!


My name is Brenna Johnson and I make weird shit. I do everything from designing to screen printing to packing. I’m just one independent artist working to make feel-good inclusive apparel you can’t find anywhere else.” – Cube U Designs

All of these artists are incredible and you should consider spending your hard-earned money on their geek chic fashion!


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