Cobalt visits London for the Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2018!

This year’s Hyper Japan was the first back at London’s Olympia, following suit with the Summer Festival. A noticeable downsize had occurred, with the entire festival covering just the ground floor of one of Olympia’s halls. The way of festivity wasn’t strong this year, with the high glass ceiling of Olympia rendering the occasional Christmas light pretty much useless, even when the sun had set, wh...[Read More]

Wild Bangarang’s Badass and Comfy Geek Gear

Here at The Geek Lyfe, it’s no secret we love high quality (but subtle) geek gear. If you catch us in the wild we are often donned from head to foot in our favorite fandom apparel. When we heard of Wild Bangarang, we couldn’t help but want to try some out for ourselves! Wild Bangarang is a UK based company who specializes in leggings and workout apparel, each with their own geeky flair. There is s...[Read More]

Geeky Maker of the Month: Aras Custom Designs

We feature a lot of cosplayers on this site, and there are a lot of other creators out there that we’d like to begin featuring. So, we’re introducing a new feature we’ll be promoting: Geeky Maker of the Month! For our very first Geeky Maker of the Month, we’re proud to feature a woman that makes the most amazing Dungeons & Dragons accessories: Aras Sivad aka Aras Custom Desig...[Read More]

Check Out Insomnia Falls Formal Ball!

Horsemen Of are one of our all time favorite cosplay groups due to their talent, genuine good nature, and ambition to always have a great time. During the weekend of Phoenix Comic Fest, they are helping us run the Networking and Nakama event in Downtown Phoenix at The Grand! In addition to that event, they are also hosting Insomina Falls Formal Ball, a cosplay ball at the same location’s bal...[Read More]

Fun Suits for the Professional Geek!

Hey everyone, Cheshsmiles here! This week I had the pleasure of trying out’s DC Comic’s Vintage Print Blazer and matching Pencil Skirt. The outfit is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to impress while still rocking their inner comic book fiend! The sleek black exterior of the slimming skirt and fitted blazer presents a professional outer appearance, while the colorful inner lining disp...[Read More]

New Shirt: BITCH I’M SUGOI Now Available!

New Shirt: BITCH I’M SUGOI Now Available! If you have ever watched anime with English subtitles and Japanese dubs, chances are the word ‘Sugoi’ has been mentioned. Typically characters use this word to refer to objects or events that they deem are amazing or awe inspiring. What is more awe inspiring or amazing than yourself? That is right, nothing! That is why we made our BITCH, ...[Read More]

Senpai Session: Make Up with Heartless Aquarius

Senpai Session: Make Up with Heartless Aquarius Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. We have a new series for you called Senpai Sessions where we have different senpais come on and teach a lesson on their strongest field. For this first episode we partnered up with Arizona cosplayer, Heartless Aquarius who gave a tutorial on how to put on make up. She goes above and beyond by showing the b...[Read More]

April Loot Crate Unboxing

April Loot Crate Unboxing Join me, Powerforce, as I unbox my latest Loot Crate for the month of April! If you ever need to be convinced to partake in these monthly specials then feel free to watch all of my unboxing videos. For those that might be unfamiliar with what Lootcrate is, it’s a monthly service where you pay $20 and receive $30 of goodies! Every month there is a new theme and the c...[Read More]

Interview: Sew Ashtastic

Interview: Sew Ashtastic Rarely in life do you come across someone so bubbly, kind, and optimistic that they rival even Anime characters. Ashley Maul, owner of Sew Ashtastic, is that person. I was referred to her by another Geek Lyfe writer for her immense knowledge and passion for comic books. After chatting with her a few times over Facebook I knew she was a fantastic person. However, I was not ...[Read More]

Adventures at the Hello Kitty Festival 2015!

Adventures at the Hello Kitty Festival 2015! This last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Hello Kitty’s very first Super Cute Friendship Festival! I had received an email about it from Hello Kitty and had heard enough radio ads about it that I knew that I just HAD to go. The festival is a traveling one and there are plenty more dates if you or any Sanrio lover you may know wants to attend!...[Read More]

Everything We Know So Far About Gucci’s Fall 2015 Show

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