Is Freddy Kruger Coming To Dead By Daylight?

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Is Freddy Kruger Coming To Dead By Daylight?

Is Freddy Kruger Coming To Dead By Daylight?

If there is one game that I have become addicted to, it is Dead By Daylight. This damn game is so good that I just can not help but spend hours upon hours of attempting to outsmart or run murderers and escape OR murder all survivors as a killer. Since it has been created they had their initial killers who brought something new to the table from the Trapper being able to set traps, the Hillbilly having a one hit knock down, the Wraith having mobility and invisibility, the Nurse being able to teleport, the Hag setting traps to port to, and so on.

Over time they added the iconic killer, Michael Myers from the coveted Halloween series and shook up the game by adding notable sounds and abilities from the films. Recently they added Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series! Dead By Daylight continues to roll out with such fantastic content with no sign of it slowing any time soon as they just released this trailer:

Although they do not come out and say it, the scene is set up to look very similar to what horrors take place in Nightmare On Elm Street with the rusted pipe receiving the iconic four slashes representing survivors and then the final swipe across them to symbolize the killer. These invisible swipes are enough in my opinion to convince me that Freddy Kruger is coming to Dead By Daylight.

However the final nail in the coffin is the tagline “Don’t fall asleep”. I am so so so excited if they do release Freddy to the game! Even if they only give us a new hero or map, it’ll be fantastic!

Be sure to check out more on what Dead By Daylight has to offer at their website!

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