Geeky Maker of the Month: Aras Custom Designs

We feature a lot of cosplayers on this site, and there are a lot of other creators out there that we’d like to begin featuring. So, we’re introducing a new feature we’ll be promoting: Geeky Maker of the Month!

For our very first Geeky Maker of the Month, we’re proud to feature a woman that makes the most amazing Dungeons & Dragons accessories: Aras Sivad aka Aras Custom Designs!

Aras has been sewing since she was four years old, but started regularly in 2016. Her first Dungeons & Dragons products were her dice trays, followed by other items, like her mini dice bag and travel case. They’re made specifically to carry your dice and writing items to your next gaming session! Her shop includes affordable pre-made items, but you can order a custom dice tray with a lot of fabric designs to choose from.

What makes Aras unique is her drive to keep improving her craft to produce better products. Though she already is a success, that motivation keeps her items unique and fresh. She has plans to expand her fabric choice, along with constantly designing and testing new options.

Aras has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a year and a half, playing regularly with her friends and significant other. If you follow her Twitter, you’ll get updates for new products, when she plays Dungeons & Dragons on Twitch, and some other amazing content! Her shop can be found here. Her best sellers are her regular portable dice trays, with her “D4 bags” being a popular recent addition.

Here’s a little gallery of some of the aforementioned work. Enjoy!

Aras Custom Designs Dice Tray Skulls
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