Heartless Aquarius Takes on Sabakon 2018

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Sabakon 3 - The Geek Lyfe

Hey everyone, Heartless here! It’s time to for another convention review. This time I went to Las Vegas to attend Sabakon, for the first time.

Sabakon was an absolute blast. Not only is the Nevada/Las Vega community so sweet, but they also know how to have fun! Every panel and event I went to was full of excitement. Even when there was a lull between things to do, it was easy to keep busy by checking out the vendor hall and artist alley. There was a wide variety of artists and vendors. I spent everyday checking the booths because I kept finding new things.

Sabakon took place at the Alexis Park All Suite Hotel. It was close to the Las Vegas strip and less than a block away from a ton of food options. It was great being able to quickly walk to some amazing food. There was also free parking at the hotel, which is a huge plus, in my opinion. The layout of the convention within the hotel was a little confusing, but the staff was very helpful every time I got lost. It would be wonderful if, next year, the map was more clear or more signs were around the convention to help new people get around.

My personal highlights of Sabakon were the Lip Sync for Your Cosplay and Iron Cosplay panels. These were so interactive and had a phenomenal energy to them. It was so fun to see cosplayers dance, perform, and panic make a cosplay within 25 minutes. The whole room was filled to the brim with positivity. Everyone had such a great time. I would love to see more events like that at conventions.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Sabakon. The people were so kind. There were plenty events to go to and amazing food options. I highly recommend this convention and I would love to go again next year.

Heartless Aquarius
Heartless Aquarius is a cosplayer local to Arizona and has a huge passion for anime and manga! This makes her the perfect person to be dedicated to the sole task of consuming all of the Japanese content we receive and give her thoughts on it! When she isn’t turning pages and watching endless hours of Japanese animation, she is creating elaborate costumes that she features at various conventions and wins awards! Check out more of her information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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