5 Things I Wish I Knew Coming Into Cosplay

Veteran cosplayer, Heartless Aquarius, provides insight on what she wish she knew coming into cosplay! This is sage advice that will no doubt help many new cosplayers who are looking to make their hobby as enjoyable as possible!

1) Practice makes perfect

Cosplay always takes practice whether it’s with doing makeup, sewing, prop making, etc. It’s all a learning process. You’ll pick up new skills and friends who can help as you continue through this hobby.

2) Bring a pair of comfortable shoes just in case

When you are at a convention, you will be on your feet a ton. You’ll be walking, standing, and posing. I highly recommend bringing a pair of comfortable shoes with you. If your cosplay shoes get uncomfortable, you can change into them. Trust me, this will save you. I usually have a pair of flip flops since they can easily fit into a purse or bag.

3) Do a test run of your cosplay before wearing it to an event

This is extremely helpful. By wearing the whole cosplay, you can figure out what complications you may have while at the convention. This can include limited movement, difficulty using your phone, and possible points of pain. Also, if there are any problems in your cosplay, then you can (hopefully) fix it in time instead of discovering it the day of.

4) Bring a touch up kit to conventions

Pack a kit of things that will allow you to touch up your makeup and cosplay. In terms of makeup, you can bring powder, lipstick, lash glue, and a makeup brush or sponge. For you costume, it’s handy to have a small sewing kit, safety pins, and hot glue or super glue. Having these things will prepare you for most cosplay emergencies. You’ll even be able to help fellow cosplayers out if they are having a cosplay malfunction.

5) Plan cosplays for the weather

While this may be hard to do, try to bring cosplays to a convention that are appropriate for the weather. If you’re going to a convention in the summer, maybe try not to wear a cosplay with a thick trench coat. You can if you want to! However, you will need to take breaks to hydrate and cool down. If the convention is occurring when it’s cold, try to have layers or bring a cover up so you don’t freeze.

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