A Work of Wooden Art That Tells Time! – Jord Watch Review and Giveaway!

Watches are incredible pieces of technology that have helped us tremendously throughout time because they show us what the literal time is. Over the years, watches have made several transformations, in terms of both fashion and practicality. I thought I had seen it all, but then along came Jord and their Wooden Watches! They reached out to us, asking to not only review their watch, but also to host a giveaway! We gladly accepted!

Before we get to the review, let’s go ahead and talk about Jord Watches!

Jord was founded in 2013 to create true designer watches from natural materials. Each Jord series incorporates conversation provoking, natural wood with a premium quartz chronograph or automatic movement. Their time pieces are modeled after a modern lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living because for Jord, the value of a watch is greater than just telling time. They like being aware of the need to make that time count. They believe moments are bigger than minutes. So, they made a watch that tells more than time. They are excited to share their story with us!

The specific model that I got was a Hyde – Kosso and Gray and here are some of the specs!

Sapphire crystal glass
Metal tipped hands
Deployment buckle with push buttons
Push crown
Case width: 43mm
Case thickness: 12mm
Lug ends: 53.2mm
Band thickness: 20.36mm
Band length: 150mm


Citizen Miyota GP11
display: hours – minutes – seconds – date
tuning fork type: quartz crystal
frequency: 32,768 Hz
battery: silver oxide SR920SW (equiv)
drive system: 2-pole stepping motor

The watch was delivered in a beautiful wooden cedar case and came with a tube of finishing oil to help care for the watch. The Hyde has a rich brown wood and feels lighter than I imagined, which makes for a comfortable wear. It was easy enough to set up, and I love the way it looks on a majority of my outfits. This is legitimately a great product that has a lot of care and craftsmanship in it.

I would highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a practical and fashionable watch!


Jord Watches is working with us to give one lucky winner $100 discount on any watch! be sure to check them all out at https://www.woodwatches.com! To enter for a chance to win, all you’ll need to do is follow our contest link here, and answer simple 4 questions! (Or 5, if you’re feeling extra lucky) Don’t miss your chance to never be the butt of the “Time to get a watch” joke ever again.

The giveaway ends on December 16th, and a winner will be announced on the 17th!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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    • Crimmy! This is so sweet! I also appreciate the subtle woodworking simile in there. Now, mushy stuff aside, I wanted to let you know the contest entering stipulations have changed, and comments on this article have no bearing on the contest. You now have to click this link (https://www.woodwatches.com/g/thegeeklyfe) and answer 4 SUPER basic questions, instead of spilling your guts about your favorite-est people.


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