Incredible Gaming Content Creator/Critic, Total Biscuit Passes Away at 33 Years Old

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Incredible Gaming Content Creator/Critic, Total Biscuit Passes Away at 33 Years Old

Last night while driving home from an event I received the news that John “Total Biscuit” Bain passed away at the age of 33 years old. I was devastated by this news and absolutely googled three other sources in an attempt to deny this claim. Sure enough, his wife and close friends all posted.

Total Biscuit was a humble content creator who started out commenting on Blizzard games such as World of Warcraft on World of Warcraft Radio. Which actually received notice from Blizzard themselves! As the years rolled on he would participate in The Game Station which was a streamed talk show that would feature guests and they would talk about the industry and more. Later that talk show would become The Co-Optional Podcast which helped thousands of viewers each week know what is going on in the gaming industry and gave their professional opinions. They also would showcase games being released that week to help promote indie games.

I can not even begin to describe just how much an impact Total Biscuit my life. I remember watching him back in the day and admired his ability to be 100% real with viewers regardless of who he was working with. All he ever cared about was giving the fans the truth no matter how harsh it might have been and he always made time to give the floor to guests and friends to help them grow. I have adopted so many of his teaching and advice to my own brand and it has helped us grow by leaps and bounds.

He truly was one of the best leaders in the geek community and it tears my heart to pieces knowing that we lost such a great man to cancer. Despite this loss, he fought long and hard to delay this day from coming and remained the strongest among us until the end.

Our hearts go out to Total Biscuit and his family during this time. They say that you only live as long as the last person that remembers you, so in my heart his spirit continues on still.

Thanks for everything, TB.

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican has been a geek since he first saw a lightsaber ignite. He has strong feelings on subbed anime. He strives to represent the stories of the common man and woman regardless of skin tone, age, sexual preference, or nationality. With every article he strives to bring representation to the voiceless. Unless he finds out they like dubbed anime.

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