Kim Reaper: Issue 1 Review

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Kim Reaper: Issue 1 Review

Kim Reaper: Issue 1 Review

If you don’t know the name Sarah Graley, she is a fantastic woman who does incredible art for various comics from Rick and Morty other own web comic called “Our Super Adventure“. I’ve been following her work for sometime and it blew my mind when I found out that she actually came out with her own comic by the name of “Kim Reaper“! I rushed to purchase the first issue, read it, and wanted to write up a review! I feel that if a comic book can not provide enjoyment and entertainment in the first issue, then it is hard to justify purchasing anymore in the series.


As always with Sarah Graley, the scenes, characters, and designs are always charming. Every expression is exaggerated and fun, depending on the character you are looking at, their happy to angry faces could be tremendously different. One aspect of her art that I appreciate is the attention to detail, at first glance it can come across as simple but then at a second glance her humor pours through. I recommend checking out every person or background in every panel, there are so many hidden gems that made me chuckle!


In Kim Reaper there are two main characters who are Becka, a university student who is an optimist, cheerful, and essentially has no fear while Kim is more of a realist, unsure of herself, and stern. The two opposite personalities creates a great odd couple effect because they handle problems in such different ways. While Kim would rather wait and observe a situation until she finds a proper solution, Becka rushes in with her first instinct no matter the odds.

Although it is just the first issue, I can already tell that both characters have hidden pasts that will eventually come to light and reveal why they act the way they are. Even in this first issue, I found myself enjoying both characters equally, but can totally relate more so to Becka because she is a fellow optimist and can appreciate a good booty.


The plot of Kim Reaper is that Kim is a girl who attends a university and works part time as a Grim Reaper. Becka, who is a classmate of Kim in interested in her and accidentally follows her on a mission. A series of unfortunate events occurs which results in an awkward situation turning into a dangerous one. The story is intriguing, when we think of the mythical grim reaper we imagine it is a timeless, all knowing entity who has no remorse for their job. To replace this all knowing servant of death with an awkward college student is a fun concept!


I had a blast reading the first issue of this comic and will for sure be buying the next few in order to see what misadventures Becka and Kim embark on! I do recommend picking up this comic if you enjoy a casual urban fantasy with a touch of dark themes and humor. I would compare it to Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy meets Misadventures of Flap Jack, so it is pretty much the best thing ever.

Be sure to check out more of Sarah Graley’s content on Facebook, Twitter, and her website!

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