“Lovelive! Sunshine!!”Aqours: Aina Suzuki Debuts as Solo Artist with Ending Theme from Anime Series “HATENA☆ILLUSION”!!

Check out Aina Suzuki, commonly known from “Lovelive! Sunshine!!”Aqours, debuting her first song as a solo artist!

From the press release:

Aina Suzuki has voiced many characters in different anime, the most famous being Mari Ohara from “Love Live! Sunshine!!”. She has finally debuted as a solo artist from Lantis!

Not only that her song “Hikariiro no Uta” is the ending theme of the TV anime “HATENA☆ILLUSION”, but she will also voice the heroine Kana Hoshisato. “Hikariiro no Uta” is written by the singer-songwriter ZAQ, and the Music Video is on YouTube.

You may also listen to her songs other than “Hikariiro no Uta” on streaming as well!

Aina Suzuki made her voice actress debut back in 2014, and was chosen as the voice actor of Mari Ohara, a member of “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Aqours in 2015. The school idol group Aqours has held concerts for 2 days in Tokyo Dome in 2018, which recorded 150,000 audiences including the worldwide Live Viewing. They even performed in the 69th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen the same year. 

Her unique talent can also be proved by the fact that she has been selected as the best 3 in the 7th “Animax Anison Grand Prix”, and have won in many Japanese folk song contests. Aina debuted as a solo Artist on 22nd January, and the title of her debut album is “ring A ring”. 

Comment from Aina Suzuki】 

“To debut as an artist has always been one of my “dreams”. 

I have loved Anisong since I was small. No matter how hard time was, Anisongs have always been by my side, and I received power and courage from them! When I heard I was going to debut, I was really happy that now I could be the one to spread the joy!! I hope I could spread my love through singing, which is what I like the most. I will do my best, so that Aina Suzuki’s songs will become one of the elements that cheer you up, and give you courage every day, and I hope you will support me!! “

It should also be noted that we share the same birthday! GO LEOS! RAWR RAWR RAWR!

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