Mucho Mucho Amor: the Legend of Walter Mercado(Review)

As a proud Latino of 29 years, I am ashamed to say I never got the chance to know Walter Mercado nor appreciated his work but I did see him and his programs around while growing up. Being a fourth-generation Mexican-American I focused my time more on Anime and video games. That is why I fell head over heels for the Netflix documentary Mucho Mucho Amor: The  Legend of Walter Mercado. It filled a gap I never knew I had.


Walter Mercado was one of the world’s most prolific psychics that would come on television every day to tell everyone their horoscope while also giving them inspiration and spreading good vibes. The documentary showcases his upbringing, his rise to fame, his hardships, and then ultimately his passing. Walter Mercado lived a life almost beyond belief and all while being so wholesome and kind that it is almost the polar opposite of Tiger King. I gained a profound sense of respect for everything he did in his life and it inspired me to pursue my own passions without fear of being judged or shunned.

The film features a number of Latinx actors from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Eugenio Durbez and even our homie, Curly Velasquez! Each other them speak on how he impacted their lives in different ways that helped them become what they are today.

The hour and thirty-minute documentary gives the message that it is possible to be your authentic self your whole life and find constant rewards for it. If you enjoy documentaries about extraordinary humans being who spent their time on this Earth working hard to help others, this is one you’ll absolutely want to check out! It is available right now on Netflix!

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