New Samurai Manga, SAMURAI 8: THE TALE OF HACHIMARU, from the Creator of Naruto!

Naruto is with out a doubt one of the most influential anime series around. We all would be lying if we said that we didn’t want a headband of our favorite village. While Boruto is currently continuing the story as it follows the adventures of Naruto’s son it seems that the creator of the series, Masashi Kishimoto is onto his next series: SAMURAI 8: THE TALE OF HACHIMARU.

Only the most powerful warriors are able to transcend their human bodies and become something even greater—samurai. Samurai carry special souls within themselves and can travel through space as easily as walking the earth. Hachimaru has always dreamed of becoming a samurai, but he’s as weak as they come. He’s so sickly that he can’t even eat solid foods. Being too weak to leave the house may have turned Hachimaru into an expert at video games, but with enough heart, could he become a true samurai?

A free preview of the manga is available on Viz Media’s website! SAMURAI 8: THE TALE OF HACHIMARU is available where most books are sold for $9.99!

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