New Series: Mandatory Fun Time!

Hey friends, Darth Mexican here!

I wanted to let you know about a new series coming to The Geek Lyfe called Mandatory Fun Time!

Mandatory Fun Time is an hour and a half streamed variety show where we bring together The Geek Lyfe staff along with guests and have fun! This project is the brain child of Saint who will be holding the reins with the staff offering their support!

Our first guests were The Final Boys, Mat and Dustin! If you are unfamiliar with The Final Boys, they are a couple of incredible human beings who love all things horror! They have been friends of Saint and Darth Mexican for a long time and we are so excited to bring them on the pilot episode of Mandatory Fun Time!

The plan for every monthly episode is to introduce the guests and staff member to the viewers, play a game with everyone, and then discuss a number of topics in order to better know the guests and staff.

Every episode of Mandatory Fun Time, we’ll be encouraging viewers to follow our guests and support The Geek Lyfe if they don’t already do so! We have a number of fantastic content creators lined up for the first season of Mandatory Fun Time!

Check out our first episode with The Final Boys!

Watch Highlight: Mandatory Fun Time Episode Uno: The Final Boys! from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Also check out our post game interview with them!
Watch Interview with The Final Boys from The_Geek_Lyfe on

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