One Of The Most Adorable Geeky Proposals Ever

One Of The Most Adorable Geeky Proposal Ever

One of the main reasons I get up every single day and put my all into The Geek Lyfe is the people. If it were not for the geeks who have the courage to chase their heart’s desire, our culture would only have reached so far and would be so bland. Thankfully there are those brave souls who ran with all their might despite the odds or situation they face. I want to feature one of the hardest acts a man or woman can take which is to take the ultimate plunge of asking someone they care for to spend the rest of their life with them.

Also known as a marriage proposal.

At our most recent convention, Phoenix Comicon 2017, two cosplayers by the name of Megan Cota aka Hallow Vision Cosplay and Steven Keller aka SaKeller participated in a photoshoot with Tony Julius. While dressed as Commander Shepard and Jack from Mass Effect, Steven took a knee and proposed to an unsuspecting Megan who cried in joy. Tony was able to capture this euphoric moment and with their permission, I am able to not only feature the photos but I also got their thoughts on the entire event!

The Geek Lyfe: How long have you guys been together?

Megan Cota: Okay! So. As far as basics go, we are Megan Cota and Steven Keller. We dated for 6ish months in high school and broke up when going to college in August 2012. Steven stayed in AZ to go to ASU and I went to Colorado to go to CU. By the end of our freshman year, we realized that we did not want to continue being “just friends” and we starting dating again in May of 2013 when I returned from school for the summer. Our relationship was long-distance until December of 2015 when I graduated and moved back to AZ. So that’s at least 4 years of solid dating after high school!

We started cosplaying in 2014 after I made a very rash joke about cosplaying as Jack from Mass Effect 3 because I had a mohawk. Steven jumped on board, pulled together a casual commander Shepard while I learned how to sew and craft, and we’ve been making new costumes ever since!

“Megan Cota, it’s been a Fury Road dating you, and I’d be a hypocrite if I can love a psychotic girl in a video game but not in real life. Megan, will you be my always?” – Asked Steven

The Geek Lyfe: What was going through your mind during the photoshoot?

Megan: As for me and the proposal, I think the photos say it all. I was confused and overwhelmed I had no idea what was going on. He got halfway through his spiel before I realized he was actually proposing. I thought it was a prank at first so the first thing I said was “What?? Are you serious??” It was completely unexpected, and I still haven’t processed it fully. Apparently he had been planning it for months and hid the ring at his work and then behind our hedgehog’s cage when con time came around. Bonus: Our hedgehog’s name is Garrus. ?

Steven: We were getting ready for the photoshoot, Megan was off touching up makeup, and I was panicking trying to figure out where to hide the ring in my cosplay. It stuck out too much in my pockets, it didn’t fit in my boot, I was barely able to fit it in a pouch on my belt. After that, I flopped on the bed to regain my composure, and Megan came in the room and asked if I’d just been laying on the bed for the past 20min and I’m just like “yep”.

“Are you serious, is that real?” – Megan Replied

We drove to the spot for the photoshoot, can’t find parking which adds to the stress, and Megan was like “Dude park we’re gonna be late.” I still have to put my cosplay on (takes like 15min) because I can’t drive in it. Near the end of the shoot, Tony says, “Okay, let’s do some poses with no weapons.” My brains like okay, this is the setup, it’s gonna be soon.” This is where it gets super real, and I suggest some poses to buy myself mental time. The whole time I’m thinking “Don’t mess up my words.” Finally, I see a pause for Tony, I give him a nod, he nods back. I step out to the side drop-down take the ring out and say “Megan Cota, it’s been a Fury Road dating you, and I’d be a hypocrite if I can love a psychotic girl in a video game but not in real life. Megan, will you be my always?” I got halfway through saying it before she knew what was happening, she said “Are you serious, is that real?” The look on her face will stay with me forever.

This was a super dope proposal and I hope you enjoy! 😀 Be sure to check out more of their awesome content at Hallow Vision CosplaySaKeller, and Tony Julius.

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