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Has Phoenix Fan Fusion Risen from the Ashes of its Troubled Past?(Review)

Phoenix Fan Fusion is the flagship convention for Arizona geeks. Every single year the community makes the journey through immense heat and one way streets, just to see what Phoenix Fan Fusion has to offer this year. In the past couple years, there have been a lot of growing pains for this convention. With promises and apologies, many were left with hope or doubt about the future. Let’s see ...[Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019

By Modeviac Phoenix Fan Fusion has been subjected to many changes over the latest years, mainly following the 2017 event. With many changes comes many mixed opinions, so we did a survey asking people what they liked and disliked about this year’s event to bring you the pros and cons of Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019. We noticed a lot of attendees had enjoyed the diversity in programming and guests,...[Read More]

Phoenix Comic Fest: Review of the Convention Formerly Known as Phoenix Comicon

For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is DeAngelo Murillo and I own The Geek Lyfe. Back in 2012, I attended Phoenix Comicon for the very first time and was swept off of my feet with admiration for convention culture. It is safe to say that this brand more than likely would not exist had it not been for Phoenix Comicon putting on such a fantastic event. It is this history that causes m...[Read More]

(Review) Fan Fest 2017 Was Humble But Fun!

(Review) Fan Fest 2017 Was Humble But Fun! I can recall years ago when Phoenix Comicon announced their sister convention, Fan Fest! It was held at the Cardinal’s Stadium and ran from Friday to Sunday. Although the event was small, it had heart, small businesses, and a great place to hang out with friends. Even as a small convention, it still had so much to offer. Every year since, the event ...[Read More]

BREAKING: Square Egg Entertainment Cancels Thrill Halloween

BREAKING: Square Egg Entertainment Cancels Thrill Halloween Earlier this year Square Egg Entertainment, the folks behind Phoenix Comicon and Fan Fest, announced their plans to create their own event focused on Halloween by the name of Thrill Halloween. There was a bit of a surprise behind this new event because of how similar it was to Keen Halloween, which was a Halloween themed event held the pr...[Read More]

Phoenix Comicon 2017 from a Cosplayer’s Perspective

By now, we’re all aware of most of the drama coming out of Phoenix Comicon. The volunteer situation led to some other big concerns with staffing and security. The prop ban was controversial. Darth Mexican wrote a great review of the con from the general attendee’s point of view, but what was it like for a cosplayer this year? I want to fully explain what happened to my personal convention experien...[Read More]

Phoenix Comicon: It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

Phoenix Comicon had been in the mouths of many people even prior to the actual event weekend due to a number of reasons: a change of policy, a questionable ban on a vendor, an awkward survey that asked intimate questions, a change to paid panel seating for certain guests and so much more. Despite these many mishaps, a lot of geeks in Arizona consider Phoenix Comicon as the Wrestle Mania in terms o...[Read More]

One Of The Most Adorable Geeky Proposals Ever

One Of The Most Adorable Geeky Proposal Ever One of the main reasons I get up every single day and put my all into The Geek Lyfe is the people. If it were not for the geeks who have the courage to chase their heart’s desire, our culture would only have reached so far and would be so bland. Thankfully there are those brave souls who ran with all their might despite the odds or situation they ...[Read More]

BREAKING: Weapon Props Banned From Phoenix Comicon Due To Armed Man On Site

UPDATE: Phoenix Comicon has released a statement about the situation. This is breaking news, we will attempt to keep information as up to date and as accurate as possible. Earlier today a man armed with multiple firearms including a shotgun was arrested on site by police after they received reports of his intent to harm officers. Since this incident Phoenix Police department has officially banned ...[Read More]

You NEED to attend Dobutsu Lounge at Phoenix Comicon!(Interview)

You NEED to attend Dobutsu Lounge at Phoenix Comicon! Looking for something dope to do at Phoenix Comicon? You should definitely check out the fine folks at Dobutsu Lounge! If you are unfamiliar with Dobutsu Lounge, they are a companion Lounge which is focused on showing you a good time by surrounding you with beautiful people and entertainment! You literally pay $15 and then have fun by sitting a...[Read More]

PSA: Some Cosplayers/Vendors Feel Vulnerable At Upcoming Phoenix Comicon

PSA: Some Cosplayers/Vendors Feel Vulnerable At Upcoming Phoenix Comicon To begin I want to say that I love and adore Phoenix Comicon. Their event blew my mind when I went my first time in 2012 and was one of the major factors in me starting The Geek Lyfe. I know just how hard everyone works because I have friends who work as staff for Phoenix Comicon and don’t want to miscommunicate my feel...[Read More]

10 Ways To Have A Great Convention Experience

10 Ways To Have A Great Convention Experience I love conventions, including every single aspect of them from the guests to staff to events and panels. I have been attending various conventions for years and now feel confident that I know my way around events well enough so I can have fun without going broke or getting stressed about minor problems. However I remember in vivid detail just how lost ...[Read More]

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