Online Casinos in Quebec

Quebec is the second largest city in Canada and the majority of the people here speak both French and English.

The people in Quebec are easy-going, creative, and love the joy of living hence all forms of entertainment including gambling are welcome in Quebec.

Wagering online has been a favorite pastime to many including the people from Quebec because of its convenience and many bonuses. Payouts are not an issue because all wagers can transact using Canadian dollars and all players are assured that all sites are fully licensed and finding the best online casinos can be found at Casino Grizzly. All casino sites here offer new games and slots and hard-to-resist welcome bonuses.

Brief Timeline of the gambling in Quebec

·        The Loto-Quebec was founded in 1969 by the government to monitor the casinos in the province and is still ongoing today. The good thing here is all the profits go back to the public.

·        In 1992 marked the year when the Societe des Casinos du Quebec (SCQ) was launched. The SCQ was opened to promote building casinos and The Montreal Casino was opened that year.

·        The was launched in 2010 by the Loto-Quebec as the official Quebec-based online casino.

Additional Information about virtual betting in Quebec

–         A minimum age of 18 is required for players to take part in online gambling.

–         Professional players are required to pay gambling tax. Ordinary virtual bettors can get their winnings 100%.

–         The Quebec Alcohol Racing and Gaming Commission regulates gambling in the Canadian province.


Choosing an Offshore online casino

The government in Canada accepts offshore online casinos for Canadians to enjoy. However, their government is also vigilant in choosing the right betting site from abroad to protect their players.

Before they introduce a casino site to their players, they check the following first.

1.     Gambling License

The government is strict with regards to this matter hence if after checking and an online casino doesn’t have one or has not been renewed, the Canadian gambling authorities will automatically reject it.

Prominent online gambling jurisdictions are the government of Curacao, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission.

2.     Payment Scheme

Canadian players prefer monetary transactions using Canadian dollars. However, for offshore sites, standard payment methods are acceptable such as Cryptocurrency, iDebit/InstaDebit, ecoPayz, Interac, and Paypal.

3.     Customer Service

Canadians have warm personalities and are good-natured so the customer service of an offshore casino site should be friendly and responsive to the queries of the players. After all, the CS represents the casino site. For faster query response, the live chat option is best recommended.

4.     Reliable Platforms

A flawless platform is one of the important matters that the Canadian jurisdiction looks for especially when betting real money. Online casinos with the best gaming software are preferred.


Top virtual casino games played in Quebec

·        Video Slots

Video slots use graphical five reels on a computerized display. It varies in shapes and designs from fruit to characters.

·        Baccarat

Baccarat is a casino table game with eight decks of cards. Players can either play it whether virtual or live dealer.

·        Blackjack

It is a card game having a higher count than those of the dealer but must not exceed 21. In the online casino, this card game can be played using the random number generator or live dealer.

·        Video Poker

It is also a card game where players wager over which hand is considered favorable depending on the rules. Online casinos also offer live dealers with video poker but players can also choose betting poker using the random number generator.

Final Insight:

Canada in general is lenient in all forms of gambling and the online gambling in Quebec can be visited at the Espacejeux website and on offshore online casinos. The players can place their bets using real money even in offshore online casinos provided that they follow the Canadian Jurisdiction. Due to the leniency of the country in terms of gambling, online gamblers seemed to have a higher rate of gambling addiction. Betting in moderation is the best advice or visit for counseling and to help them play responsibly.

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